The 9 Best Documentaries About Television

Oct 6, 2023 | Best Of, Technology

The television age has birthed some of the most groundbreaking, innovative and inspiring content in history. Documentaries about television have been gifted to us with powerful stories that explore a range of topics from media empires to behind-the-scenes looks at major networks. If you’re looking for an interesting watch or an eye-opening exploration into the world of television, these documentaries about television are just the ticket. From classics like The Last Laugh to more modern documentaries like Netflix’s FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, here are some of the must-watch documentaries about TV that will have you glued to your screen.


1. The History Of Television

Television, first broadcast by RCA in the 1950s, made a huge impact on people of all ages. People’s reactions to this new invention ranged from awe and wonder to curiosity and fear. Companies that marketed television at the time worked hard to create buzz about this revolutionary device. From early ad campaigns to the creation of iconic television shows, we take an inside look at the beginnings of an industry that has changed entertainment forever. As we dive deeper into this new world, we examine the way television changed our lives by providing a unique form of entertainment and communication.


2. Screened Horizons: The Evolution and Impact of Television

The impact of television on modern life is undeniable. From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century, it has become one of the dominant forces in global culture and communication. This fascinating documentary takes a deep dive into the history and evolution of TV, examining its social, cultural, and political ramifications through interviews with experts, historians, and rarely seen archive footage. With the help of these experts, viewers can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the power of television to shape our lives and our world. From its profound influence on entertainment to its critical role in education and news reporting, this documentary reveals just how much TV has changed society since its inception.


3. “TV is King” – BBC Film documentary – The rarest television technology on earth – 1994

“The King of TV” is an insightful BBC documentary that looks into the world of television technology. It takes viewers on a journey to uncover hidden gems and rare artifacts from the 1920s and 30s. Learn how Britain, Germany, and America clashed in a battle to win over control of this revolutionary medium. Follow Michael Bennett-Levy as he collects pieces of the earliest surviving television tech and details how these inventions shaped modern media. From a historical perspective, discover the impact this technology has had on present day entertainment. Take a step back in time to experience the technological breakthroughs that launched an industry, all through the eyes of an expert collector.


4. 1940s Documentary about Television

In the 1940s, it was a revolutionary time for television. A short documentary from this era provides viewers with a glimpse into what life with television would look like. From understanding how it worked to witnessing its potential to entertain and enlighten us, the film explores all the ways that TV has changed our lives since then. It’s a fascinating look back at a time when television was just starting to become popular. The documentary also shows us just how far we’ve come since then – and the exciting possibilities for television that still lie ahead.


5. DOCUMENTARY On Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

Game Changers: A Look at the Career of Rupert Murdoch – This documentary looks into the career of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Inheriting control over multiple newspapers and tabloids from his father, he has since built a massive empire which has made him one of the world’s richest people. From humble beginnings in Australia to his meteoric rise in international business, this documentary explores the story behind one of the world’s most influential figures. Charting his many successes and controversies, Rupert Murdoch is presented in a new light as we look at how he became the man he is today. A must-see for any businessperson or aspiring entrepreneur.


6. Soviet Television and Radio

Soviet Television and Radio: A Historical Lookback During the Cold War era, Soviet television and radio played an integral role in providing content to citizens of the USSR. To understand how this technology developed over time, it is important to take a look back at some of the types of televisions that were made available for purchase by the public. The first television sets manufactured in the Soviet Union were bulky CRT models that resembled large wooden furniture. However, these devices featured some impressive technology for their time, including coaxial cables and tuners that allowed them to access multiple channels of programming.


7. History of Television Part 1 (The Race for Television)

This documentary goes into the fascinating history of television from its earliest days, tracing the race to bring this revolutionary invention to life. Witness the struggles and successes of scientists, engineers, and inventors whose visions brought us a device that would come to shape our lives in countless ways. Learn about the milestones on TV’s journey from concept to cultural touchstone that have seen it become the de facto source of entertainment, news, and information around the world. This is a must-watch for anyone intrigued by television’s past, present and future.


8. Television Inventor ~ Philo T Farnsworth

Young Philo T. Farnsworth, a Mormon boy genius, is known for inventing what we use today as the electronic television. His roots stemmed from a small farm and his development of this technology revolutionized how people watch movies and television shows in the comfort of their own homes. Farnsworth’s invention has since gone on to be one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. His invention has not only changed how people watch television, but it has also allowed for new forms of media entertainment to be created and shared with a larger audience than ever before.


9. The Munsters Television Show Documentary

The Munsters, the beloved 1960s sitcom family, is the focus of a new documentary. Dive into the behind-the-scenes details of one of television’s most iconic shows and explore what made it so special. From detailed interviews with the cast and crew to never before seen footage from the set, The Munsters Television Show Documentary gives fans a never-before seen glimpse into the making of one of TV’s most beloved shows. Dive into the stories behind each character, and see how this classic sitcom came to life with its unique blend of comedy, horror, and science fiction.

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