The 9 Best Documentaries About Portugal

Aug 14, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

If you are a traveler, then you know that Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has a unique culture that never fails to amaze and inspire. But did you know that there are some great documentaries about this remarkable country? From stories of its stunning beaches and lush green landscapes to tales of its vibrant cities and people, these documentaries are a great way to learn more about Portugal. Here is our list of the best documentaries about Portugal that you must watch!

Portugal is the latest addition to the Atlantic Community. This country has a rich history and culture that has endured through centuries of change. From its unique geographical position on the Iberian Peninsula, it maintains strong links with Europe and Africa alike. As part of NATO, Portugal aims to share this cultural richness with its allies in order to help ensure peace and security throughout the Atlantic region. The US government, along with NATO and its Information Services have created a series of films to help introduce Portugal to the other members of the Alliance. These films are part of an initiative titled ‘Know Your Allies’, and emphasize national contributions to Western culture, political traditions, economic reconstruction, and allied defense.


We experienced a European adventure like never before – driving around Portugal in our WorldCruiser 2 vehicle from Tom’s Fahrzeugtechnik. Basking in the beauty of its beaches and cliffs, we then discovered more of Portugal’s landscapes. From the glacial peaks that crowned snow-capped mountains to the soggy rainforests and granite hillscapes, this small country has plenty of surprises to offer. During our 5 weeks journey across the land, we traveled more than 4,800 km and uncovered an array of breathtaking places that captivated us along the way. Portugal is truly a gem in Europe that deserves a visit. So grab your passports and get ready for an unforgettable trip!


Anthony Bourdain is a globe-trotting celebrity chef and multiple Emmy-winning television personality on his show, Parts Unknown. His latest tour takes viewers to the northern Portuguese city of Porto as he uncovers its food customs with his former Les Halles boss Jose Meirelles. Together they explore the delicious local cuisine and showcase its unique flavors, giving viewers a thorough look into the culinary culture of this vibrant city. From its seafood and stews to various types of breads, cheeses, and wines, they take us on a food journey like no other. This is not just another cooking show – it’s an exploration of Porto and its people through their traditional dishes. Join Anthony Bourdain as he discovers the secret recipes and dishes of the northern Portuguese city of Porto. You’ll be sure to leave this adventure with a newfound appreciation for the cuisine of this beautiful region.


Lisbon, Portugal is a destination full of excitement and adventure. It’s the perfect spot for those craving a unique cultural experience, with its winding cobblestone streets, vibrant markets, and traditional music echoing through the air. From exploring the city’s ancient waterfronts to taking in its incredible views from atop one of seven hills that make up Lisbon’s landscape, there’s no shortage of things to experience here.


Porto, Portugal is a captivating city of breathtaking beauty and vibrancy. Its old town centre is full of cobbled streets lined with colourful tile-clad buildings, many adorned with brightly patterned azulejos. It’s the kind of place that takes your breath away when you first set eyes on it, and soothes your soul with its tranquil streets and gentle lull. The Douro River, which flows through Porto, a site of great natural beauty. On one side of this ancient waterway you can catch sight of the city’s traditional buildings and churches, while on the other shore lies the modern area of Vila Nova de Gaia, where you will find many restaurants and bars to sample the local gastronomy. The center of Porto is a delightful mix of old and new, where you can explore the winding backstreets with their unique charm or take in some of the chic boutiques and art galleries that have been popping up in more recent times. No matter what your style may be, there is something to suit everyone here.


Gian Pall had a dream. He wanted a better life for himself and his family, so he decided to leave India in search of opportunity. He was drawn to Portugal’s berry-growing region, believing that with seven years of hard work he could earn an EU passport – giving him access to 186 countries across the world. When Gian arrived in Portugal, he found out that it wasn’t going to be easy. To get a tourist visa, he had to pay up to 16,000 euros to recruitment agencies – often run by the trafficking mafia. He knew he was taking a risk, but it was one he was willing to take in order to give his family a better life. Gian has been working for five years, picking berries for under four euros an hour and ten-hour days – but the promise of a passport has kept him going. He’s watched his son grow up on WhatsApp; a bittersweet reality that pushes him to keep on working. He dreams of having his wife join him in Portugal, believing it will be the springboard to the rest of the world.


Vítor Cacheira, the fisherman from Esmoriz, is no stranger to the struggle against coastal erosion. As a beach-goer and surfer in Furadouro, João Paulo has seen firsthand how quickly Portugal’s Atlantic coast can be overwhelmed by the sea. But it’s not just recreational activity that’s being threatened – Abel Vieira faces the potential of losing his restaurant, a business that has been in his family for generations. The Portuguese central government is determined to combat rising sea levels and coastal erosion. They have invested millions of euros to strengthen the coastlines with sand or barriers, but it’s a constant uphill battle. With the European Union’s support, local authorities are joining forces with affected families to provide secure housing and protect existing businesses. Vítor Cacheira, the fisherman, is now a town councilor in Esmoriz and is leading this resettlement program that’s helping families find peace of mind.


Sitting atop the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a captivating nation with a rich cultural history, vibrant cities and beautiful countryside. Its heartland is full of secrets begging to be discovered, ranging from its breathtaking coastline to its charming small towns. If you’re looking for a unique getaway, head to the heart of Portugal and explore its vibrant countryside. Start your journey in Lisbon, a buzzing capital city full of life. Here you’ll find stunning architecture, lively cafes, bustling squares and streets lined with boutiques. Stroll through Alfama, the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, or take the elevator to the top of Sao Jorge Castle for breathtaking views from the highest point in the city.


Dive deep into a journey of discovery, where cliff-top paradises and centuries-old villages are just the beginning. Take the FEVE narrow-gauge railroad through Spain and Portugal’s diverse landscape, with its sparkling Atlantic coastlines and craggy mountain inlets. This is an eight hour tour full of enchanting colors and climates, from Bilbao in the Basque Country to Asturias and Santander in Cantabria. Uncover a region with rich cultural history, from its deep-rooted traditions to its unbridled beauty. Traverse vineyards and sand dunes as you watch the countryside unfold before your eyes, unlocking secrets of each country’s unique past. Let yourself be transported through time, at the speed of centuries, as you experience a different side of Spain and Portugal. This journey is more than just your ordinary vacation. Feel the wind in your hair, smell the salty air, and take in every detail this journey has to offer.


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