The Best Documentaries About Justin Bieber

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

Are you curious to learn more about Justin Bieber’s life? What better way than to watch documentaries about his career and personal life? There are many documentaries available that provide an intimate look into the world of one of music’s biggest stars. From exploring his meteoric rise to fame, his struggles with depression and drug abuse, to simply learning about how he became the success he is today, documentaries offer an insightful look into Bieber’s remarkable story. Let’s take a look at some of the best documentaries that explore all aspects of Justin Bieber’s life and career.


1. Justin Bieber – Our World (2021)

Justin Bieber: Our World provides a behind-the-scenes look into the exclusive life of the worldwide sensation as he gears up for his NYE 2020 performance. Bieber puts on an exhilarating show on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, entertaining 240 lucky attendees and countless viewers tuning in through livestream. Helmed by Michael D. Ratner, the film also captures intimate moments self-recorded by Justin and his wife, Hailey.






2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011)

Watch Justin Bieber as he performs live during his 2010 concert tour.







3. Justin Bieber: Rise of a Superstar (2019)

Discover the incredible journey of Justin Bieber, a talented musician who has captured the world’s attention. This exclusive documentary delves into his rapid ascent to becoming the beloved pop sensation he is today.







The Best Free Documentaries About Justin Bieber

1. Justin Bieber: Next Chapter | A Special Documentary Event (Official)

Ready to find out what the real Justin Bieber is all about? Come along with us for a special documentary event and explore his life story. From singing on the streets of Stratford, Ontario to becoming one of the world’s most beloved artists, we’ll take you on an inside look into Justin’s incredible journey.


2. Justin Bieber Documentary: History, Life, Career

From the beginning of his career, Justin Bieber has captivated audiences with his music, talent and charm. He’s become a global sensation since he was discovered on YouTube in 2007 at age 13. An exploration of Bieber’s life reveals an incredible story about following one’s dreams and achieving greatness through hard work and determination.


3. Justin Bieber: Rise to Fame (FULL MOVIE)

Justin Bieber has captivated the world with his extraordinary music and heartfelt story. From a small town in Canada to becoming one of the most successful performers on the planet, Justin Bieber has taken us on an incredible journey full of highs and lows. Now, we can take a look at Justin’s life in depth with “Justin Bieber: Rise to Fame.”


4. Justin Bieber – The Road To Justice #2021 (Documentary) Part 1

The Biebs has come a long way since his early days of singing and dancing on the streets. Justin Bieber – The Road To Justice #2021 is an in-depth look at the pop star’s journey to fame, fortune, and justice. This documentary delves deep into Justin’s past, present, and future, exploring his rise from YouTube star.


5. Justin Bieber – This Is Justice #2021 (Documentary) Part 2

As the release of Justin Bieber’s 2021 documentary approaches, fans everywhere can’t help but wonder what kind of deeper insight this movie will deliver. This Is Justice #2021 is sure to be a game changer in terms of giving an inside look into the life and career of one of music’s most beloved stars. Through interviews with family members, friends, and collaborators.


6. The Scandalous Downfall of Justin Bieber’s Pastor & Hillsong Church | Carl Lentz Documentary

The sordid tale of Justin Bieber’s former pastor and his involvement with Hillsong Church has been the focus of much speculation. Now, a new documentary explores the events surrounding Carl Lentz’s firing from the church, and seeks to uncover the truth behind his abrupt departure. The film takes a close look at all sides of the story, interviewing past worshippers and key personnel associated with Hillsong while also delving into Carl Lent.



Discover the incredible journey of one of the world’s biggest popstars in Justin Bieber: The Making of Journals #2020. This documentary dives deep into Bieber’s creative process, revealing the stories behind his music and how he rose to fame.This captivating film shows us a side of Bieber we rarely get to see – including exclusive interviews with some of his closest collaborators.


8. The Fabulous Life of Justin Bieber – The FULL Episode!

From the beginning of his career as a young teen to now, Justin Bieber has proved himself to be an international pop sensation. This documentary takes a look at his story and shows viewers the extraordinary journey he has taken in order to reach worldwide superstardom. The film follows Justin through his ups and downs, from being scouted by Usher, to taking part in sold.


9. The Worst Day Of Justin Bieber’s Life

One of the most powerful documentaries about Justin Bieber’s life is The Worst Day Of His Life. Set in 2009, this film follows Justin as he navigates a tumultuous period of his teenage years that would shape and define him for years to come. The documentary starts off with a snapshot of a young Justin Bieber – naive but determined to make it big. From there.

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