The 9 Best Documentaries About John Deere Tractors

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Discovering the world of John Deere tractors is an exciting journey into the past. There are many documentaries that have been produced over the years, highlighting the craftsmanship and innovation of these mechanical marvels. From historic footage to modern-day interviews with engineers and historians, these films offer insight into farming history and exploration of how far technology has come. Here’s a look at nine of the best documentaries about John Deere tractors. From award-winning films to captivating tales of exploration and adventure, these documentaries will fascinate viewers with their stories and visuals. So get ready and buckle up for an exciting journey into the world of John Deere Tractors!


1. The INSANE Story of John Deere

John Deere started out with a drive for innovation and an eye for the future. This ambition has enabled them to create some of the most advanced and reliable agricultural machines on the market today. From simple, yet powerful harvesting machines to more complex pieces of equipment such as smart tractors, John Deere’s commitment to agriculture is evident in their comprehensive product line. John Deere has been a leader in agricultural innovation for generations. Their Best Documentaries about John Deere Tractors series is an incredible opportunity to learn more about this iconic company and their commitment to producing machines that make farming easier and more efficient for thousands of farmers around the globe. So don’t miss out, and be sure to check out John Deere’s Best Documentaries about Tractors to learn more about the history, technology and commitment behind this pioneering agricultural company.


2. Deere Factory Tour 3-4 Series! Who Built Your Tractor?

Come explore the majesty of John Deere 3R, 4R and 4M tractors at their Augusta, Georgia home. See first-hand how these powerful machines are built with human hands from the ground up! Experience the craftsmanship and expertise of the dedicated factory workers who carefully engineer each part to perfection. Feel the energy as you walk through production lines that bring these amazing machines to life. Discover the passion and pride that goes into every single John Deere tractor built in this facility. And most of all, gain an appreciation for the hardworking people who bring these incredible machines to farmers and producers around the world. Come take a tour of the John Deere Augusta Factory, and see why they’re known as some of the best tractors in the world!


3. John Deere 70 series 4WD Tractors Promotional VHS (1993)

This VHS from 1993 tells the story of farmers who have experienced first-hand the power and capabilities of John Deere’s 70 series 4WD Tractors. Through their personal testimonials, these hard working men and women share how John Deere has revolutionized their ability to work the land and take on challenging terrain with ease. From 8570 to 8970, these powerful machines are the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. This rare footage from 1993 shows how John Deere has impacted their lives by making hard work easier for generations of farmers. From those who have turned difficult soil into successful harvest, to those who have managed a multitude of tasks with one tractor, the testimonials in this documentary prove that when you need a reliable machine, John Deere is the tractor for you.


4. John Deere 310C Documentary

Take a journey back in time and explore the impressive history of the John Deere 310C Tractor. Through this captivating documentary, viewers can experience all the incredible features and capabilities of these iconic machines that revolutionized farming in generations past. You’ll be given an in-depth look at how these reliable tractors were designed for maximum performance and efficiency, as well as their features and advantages compared to other models. You’ll also get the chance to hear from current and former farmers who have used John Deere 310C tractors, giving you an inside look at how these machines have been integral to modern farming for decades. From interviews with experts, to archival footage of the 310C in action, this documentary gives viewers a comprehensive picture of the impact that John Deere tractors have had on the farming industry. An invaluable look into a treasured part of our nation’s agricultural history, this moving documentary is a must-see for anyone with an interest in America’s proud farming heritage. Experience the power and legacy of the John Deere 310C Tractor as told through this exciting documentary today!



John Deere, FARMER OF THE YEAR is the fascinating story of a father and son duo who changed agricultural history by using cutting-edge conservation farming techniques. This documentary follows their inspiring journey and highlights how they increased productivity on their family farm while giving back to their community. The father’s work was recognized with Farmer of the Year honors as he tutored his son on how to use conservation farming techniques. In the end, it was his son who improved their family farm and earned the ultimate honor of being recognized as Farmer of the Year. This documentary is an inspiring story that speaks to the importance of innovation in agriculture, recognizing talent within a family, and giving back to one’s community. John Deere, FARMER OF THE YEAR is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn about the changing landscape of modern farming. It’s sure to captivate viewers with its emotional portrayal, impressive visuals, and informative content.


6. John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum

This video takes you on an unforgettable journey to the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum in Waterloo, Iowa. Here, viewers will get an up-close look at these iconic machines and learn all about how this legendary company has shaped agriculture and beyond. With detailed images of the tractors on display plus footage from other locations, viewers are sure to be captivated by the history and craftsmanship of John Deere. For those who enjoy an in-depth documentary experience, this is a must-see! Follow along as you discover why John Deere tractors are among the most beloved agricultural vehicles around. With information on their construction, purpose and more, you’ll come away with a newfound appreciation for these hardworking machines.


7. An American Icon: How The John Deere 4020 Changed The Game

Take a journey back in time with Keith Wood, the retired sales guru, to discover how the John Deere 4020 revolutionized farming. With over 180,000 units sold since its release, this iconic tractor still stands strong on many of the farms that rely on it daily. Follow Keith as he takes you through his firsthand experiences and insights about this revolutionary machine and its impact on the farming industry. Hear stories from the farmers who have seen their farms transformed with this amazing machine, including how it increased productivity overnight and revolutionized the way they work. Come explore the history behind one of John Deere’s most beloved products and learn how it helped to shape modern agriculture.


8. John Deere Harvester Combine factory

John Deere Harvester Works is the world’s premier manufacturer of harvester combines. Located in East Moline, Illinois, this massive 90 acre facility houses the latest and most advanced combine production technologies available. From top-of-the-line harvesting equipment to state-of-the-art precision parts machining, John Deere Harvester Works has all bases covered. And with production extending across both the United States and Germany, they are never short of quality components or cutting-edge machinery. It’s no wonder that their harvester combines are considered the best in the world! So if you’re looking for a producer of top-notch harvesting technology, John Deere Harvester Works is sure to have what you need.​


9. John Deere Days 1971 – The New Generation of Power

John Deere Tractors: The Powerhouse of the American Farm. Throughout history, tractors have been an integral part of the development and evolution of the nation’s farms. From their earliest models to modern-day marvels, John Deere tractors have consistently been at the forefront of agricultural progress. In 1971, John Deere took a major step forward with the introduction of their new line of tractors – the New Generation of Power. These powerful machines were inspired by the success and reliability of their predecessors, designed to tackle any terrain and job with ease. Their innovative features included high-torque engines, adjustable suspension systems, and multi-speed transmissions.


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