The 9 Best Documentaries About Fast Food

Jul 29, 2023 | Best Of, Food/Drink, Videos

Do you ever find yourself wondering how fast food came to be? Or what the industry looks like from behind the scenes? If so, then these documentaries about fast food will provide insight into some of the most famous brands and their strategies. From revealing stories of secret ingredients to exploring the science behind mass production methods, these films bring an intriguing perspective on a topic that’s often overlooked. So prepare to be enlightened as we take a look at the best documentaries about fast food. From Burger King’s turbulent history to Mcdonald’s success story, these films feature rare behind-the-scenes looks into the world of fast food.


1. Tricked Into Eating More: How The Food Industry Lies To You | Hooked on Food

Are you a person who’s been tricked into eating more than you really wanted? Do you feel powerless against the food industry’s lies and manipulations? If so “Hooked on Food” is a must-watch documentary. It dives deep into how the food industry targets people, exploiting psychological vulnerabilities in order to make us eat more than we should. This documentary unearths the tricks and tactics that marketers use to influence us, from branding to presentation. It also reveals how corporations fund research to make food appear healthier than it is, in order to get people hooked on their product.


2. Global Junk Food: How the Fast Food Industry is Making Poor Countries Fat

The fast food industry has an international reach, and it’s not just making people fat in the United States. Countries around the world are facing a growing obesity epidemic as multinational fast food corporations expand their business model into poorer countries, offering high-calorie meals as an inexpensive alternative to traditional cuisine. Global Junk Food examines how this global spread of junk food is having a devastating effect on the health of nations, from rising rates of obesity and diabetes to skyrocketing healthcare costs.


3. Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America

America’s obesity epidemic is no laughing matter. Fast food companies have been quietly pushing more and more unhealthy, processed foods onto our plates for decades now, slowly transforming us into a nation of couch-dwelling consumers who have become increasingly reliant on convenient, packaged meals. In the wake of this crisis comes Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America, an investigative documentary that exposes the truth behind our fast food-drenched society.

4. Raising Kids on Junk Food | Full Documentary | Fast Food Baby

This program dives into the minds of parents to understand why they opt for fast food over healthy alternatives. Three families feature in this documentary and share their stories of how they are trying to make a change. Expert mentors are there to guide them through making the necessary changes, while allowing the parents to learn more about nutrition and how it can affect their children’s health.

5. Toddlers Fed Burgers, Kebabs & Cola: Fast Food Baby

We are raising a generation of fast-food babies, and it’s alarming! Kids as young as toddlers are being fed a diet of chips, burgers, and kebabs. Bottles of fizzy cola are the most popular beverage among them. We must take appropriate measures to ensure that these kids don’t become addicted to junk food for life. Documentaries about fast food can be informative and entertaining, and they can help to bring about a change in our eating habits.

6. I Can’t Get My Baby To Eat Anything But Fast Food

This program unveils the powerful motivations which influence parents to feed their kids fast food. Follow three families as they attempt to put their nutrition back on track. See how specialists utilize different strategies, from mild food activities to intense surprises, in order to help these families break away from unhealthy habits and learn whether or not the parents are cognizant of just how detrimental this food can be.

7. Bake and Shark!! #1 FAST FOOD in Trinidad and Tobago

We’ve had an amazing day in Trinidad and Tobago, starting with a unique roast fish and cheesy lobster. Then we were off into the mountains, learning about the delicious art of Trinidad chocolate-making. To finish it off, we headed to Maracas Bay for a taste of one of the country’s most famous fast food dishes – bake and shark! It was a fantastic day, learning about traditional delicacies and exploring the culture behind this wonderful island.

8. FAST FOOD VEGAN: a delicious documentary

Embarking on a vegan lifestyle can be daunting. I found this to be especially true when it came to eating out. How was I going to find vegan-friendly restaurants? What about fast food? Could I get something delicious and still stay true to my chosen diet? In order to answer these questions, I set out on an experiment; to see if it was possible to eat vegan for 30 days while still relying on fast food.

9. Fast Food Revolution

I embarked on a grand experiment. Could I actually transform my health and fitness while consuming fast food? On the surface, it seemed like an impossible task. But when I looked deeper, I saw the potential for something amazing to happen. I documented my journey for the world to witness, as I cut out sugary sodas and processed snacks from my diet. I replaced them with healthier fast-food options, such as grilled chicken sandwiches, salads, and wraps.


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