The 9 Best Documentaries About Farms and Farming

Nov 24, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

If you’re interested in learning more about the unique experiences of farming and the people who do it, there’s no better way than to watch a documentary. Documentaries are a great way to explore topics in depth, from different perspectives. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best documentaries on farm life, giving you an insight into what life is like on the ranch. From stories of family farmers, to tales of hard times and struggles, these documentaries will give you a unique look at farm life. We’ll also talk about what makes each documentary worth watching, and why it stands out from the rest.


1. FULL-LENGTH VERSION | A Farmer’s Journey: One Year in the Life of an American Grower

Farmer’s Journey: One Year In The Life of an American Grower takes us into the heart of rural America—a place that is filled with tradition and resilient people. We are taken on a journey with one man, Jack Smith, as he embarks on his agricultural pursuits for the year. From planting to harvest season, we get to see first.


2. Day in the Life of a Small Farm

Small Farms: A Day in the Life From the picturesque countryside to busy barnyards, small farms are often a source of beauty and wonder. But what goes on at these rural homesteads throughout the course of a day? Let’s take a look at all that is involved in running a successful small farm.


3. Mass Harvesting And Processing Of Agricultural Products In 2023 – Farming Documentary

2023 promises to be a monumental year for agricultural technologies. Advances in food production, harvesting, and processing are revolutionizing farming practices worldwide. This documentary explores the latest advancements in the industry which will make it possible to double or even triple current yields while significantly reducing labor costs. Featuring interviews with experts from around the world, this film delves into.


4. Factory farming, animal welfare and the future of modern agriculture | DW Documentary

Factory farming has become an integral part of the modern agricultural industry. But while it is a means to produce food more efficiently, it also poses a range of ethical questions about animal welfare and our relationship with nature. In this documentary we explore these issues in depth, examining the impact factory farming has had on both animals and our environment. We talk to experts from around the world and.

5. Into the Soil | The Wisdom of Regenerative Farming | Full Documentary

This one-of-a kind documentary dives deep into the practices of regenerative farming and explores the potential it has to improve our planet. From soil conservation to sustainable water usage, this documentary showcases how regenerative farming can play a major role in preserving our earth for future generations. The film takes an intimate look at the stories of farmers across North America who are practicing these methods.


6. How Iowa Farmers Make $26.4 Billion A Year From 85300 Farms – American Farming Documentary

The United States is home to 85300 farms, and farmers in Iowa alone make a collective $26.4 billion each year in revenue. This inspiring documentary highlights the lives of hardworking individuals who dedicate themselves to providing food for their families and their communities. It follows farmers as they face challenges head-on, from financial difficulties to weather conditions, and shows how.


7. Down on the Farm Full Documentary

Down on the Farm: A Journey into Agricultural LivingCome take a journey with us as we explore the lives of farmers and what they do every day! From milking cows to harvesting fruits and vegetables, join us as we discover the ins and outs of agricultural living. We’ll learn about the hardworking people who make it all possible and how their work shapes our.

8. How American Farmers Raise Millions Of Poultry In The Pasture – Chicken Farming

American farmers have been producing poultry in their fields and pastures for centuries. While the methods have evolved with modern technology, traditional chicken farming remains a cornerstone of rural life. From small-scale family farms to larger commercial operations, the practice of raising chickens on pasture offers numerous benefits for farmers, their birds, and the environment. Pasture-raised chickens typically.

9. Saving the American Farmer: A Legacy Farmer Documentary

Saving the American Farmer: A Legacy for GenerationsThis documentary takes a deep dive into the lives of farmers, giving viewers a glimpse into their incredible stories. From farmboys to farmgirls, from pioneers to modern-day heroes, we explore the legacy these hardworking individuals have left behind. Along the way, we learn about the struggles they face each day.

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