The 9 Best Documentaries About King Edward II

Nov 20, 2023 | Best Of, History, People

Edward II has been a historical figure that has interested people for centuries, and now documentaries are providing an even more in-depth understanding of his life. From exploring the complexities of his reign to uncovering new details about his personal life, these documentaries have captured the attention of viewers everywhere. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries about Edward II – from biopics to investigative reports – that showcase his historical legacy. Each one provides a unique perspective into his place in history, giving viewers a better understanding of the man behind the legend.


1.The Bizarre Murder Of King Edward II | Britain’s Bloodiest Dynast

The legacy of Edward II, Britain’s monarch in the 14th century, remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. His death at Berkeley Castle has long been regarded as one of the most macabre events in English history. Now, a devastating documentary series sheds light on the secrets behind this dark chapter. Titled “Britain’s Bloodiest Dynast,” this.


2. Edward II – England’s Worst or Most Misunderstood King Documentary

Edward Ii was a figure of resilience and controversy throughout his reign. The story of Edward II has been told through films, books, and documentaries – some presenting him as a villainous ruler who terrorized England while others portray him as an unfortunate victim of circumstance. This documentary seeks to explore every nuance and perspective of the legacy of King Edward II – from the.


3. King Edward II of England and His She-Wolf Queen

King Edward II of England and his She-Wolf Queen have become a part of English history that will never be forgotten. The tumultuous and tragic love affair between the two has been documented in books, plays, stories, artwork and now documentaries. The life story of King Edward II is one of passion, power and betrayal – from his tumultuous relationship with Isabella.


4. A Brief History Of Edward Of Caernarfon – Edward II Of England

Edward of Caernarfon, more famously known as Edward II, was the King of England from 1307 until 1327. He is remembered for his tumultuous reign which saw the barons revolt against him and eventually led to his deposition and death. Though controversial in his lifetime, he was later seen as a figure of great importance by some historians, notably by early 20th.


5. Edward II – England’s Worst King? Documentar

Edward II – A Monarch of Misfortune? From his reign of infamy, to his controversial end, Edward II was one of the most colourful characters in English history. His legacy is shrouded in mystery and debate, with some historians portraying him as a tyrant while others claim he was an unfortunate victim. No matter what your opinion is on this enigmatic figure.


6. The She-Wolf Queen Who Overthrew Edward II

Edward II, the ill-fated English monarch that ruled in the late 13th and early 14th century, is an intriguing figure whose story has been documented many times over. One of the most popular depictions of Edward’s reign is the 1991 documentary “Edward II” which offers a comprehensive look into his life and legacy.


7. How One Man Led To King Edward II’s Downfall

Edward II of England was one of the most controversial monarchs to ever sit on the throne. His reign had a great impact on English history, and his downfall was caused by a combination of factors. Chief among them were a complex marriage, numerous military defeats, and an ill-fated rebellion led by Thomas of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester. The events leading up to Edward.

8. How Edward II’s Private Life Nearly Cost The Throne

One of the most captivating and controversial stories about British monarchs is that of Edward II. A film series on this now-infamous king’s life would likely include a documentary about how his private life nearly cost him his throne. Edward II had many scandals during his reign, but one of the most famous involved Hugh Despenser, who was appointed as.


9. The Mystery Of King Edward II’s BRUTAL Murder

So much mystery surrounds the life and death of King Edward II. A controversial monarch, his reign was marked by civil war and discontentment among the nobility. But, what happened on that fateful day in 1327 when he was brutally murdered?This documentary explores the theories surrounding the cold-blooded killing of Edward II. Hear from historians, experts and descendants as they.


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