The 9 Best Documentaries And Videos About Eddie Murphy

Mar 14, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

From his rise to fame on Saturday Night Live to his groundbreaking comedy movies, Eddie’s story has been told from various angles.


1. Jerry Seinfeld & Eddie Murphy Debate The Funniest Comedian Of All Time

Murphy is a legendary figure in the world of comedy and has been entertaining audiences for decades. To understand more about his influence, there are some great documentaries that take a closer look at Murphy’s journey from humble beginnings to iconic stardom. One such is I Am Eddie Murphy. Directed by Brett Ratner, this intimate portrait chronicles the life and career of one of the most influential comedic performers of all time.


2. Eddie Murphy – Delirious – (Full Show) The Funniest Standup Comedy Special of All Time

Now, if you want to take a deeper dive into Eddie Murphy’s life and career, check out the best documentaries about him. From his star-studded comedy shows to his humble beginnings, these docs will give you an insider look at how he rose to fame and why millions around the world still love him. “The Last Comic Standing: A Tribute to Eddie Murphy” looks back at the comedian’s decades long career and his influence on comedy. It takes a reflective look at his classic characters, like Gumby and Buckwheat, and shows why he remains one of the greatest comedians ever.


3. The Distinguished Gentleman Full Film – Eddie Murphy (1992 )

This classic underdog story is told in the riveting , “The Best of Eddie Murphy.” The film follows Johnson as he uses his wit and charm to navigate the shark-infested waters of Washington. Along the way, viewers get an intimate look into the life of a man trying to do right while his opponents are determined to destroy him. From behind closed doors, to the halls of Congress, this gives a unique insight into politics and its impact on ordinary people. With interviews from both sides of the political aisle, this gripping movie offers an honest look at the struggles faced by those in positions of power.


4. How Eddie Murphy lives and how he spends his millions

Let’s start from the beginning. How did it all begin? In the 1980s, Eddie Murphy made his mark on American comedy and culture with his sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. He quickly became an international star with his stand-up comedy routines and numerous movies. In 1992, he was cast in one of the most successful comedies of all time – ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. It was the beginning of a long series of box office successes and Murphy soon became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.


5. Eddie Murphy Career Retrospective

Eddie Murphy has also been the subject of many documentaries throughout his career. The most recent “The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment: Eddie Murphy,” is a journey through Murphy’s illustrious career from the late 1970s to the present day. The film features interviews and clips with comedians such as Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, and Whoopi Goldberg, as well as directors, producers, and family members. It is an insightful look into the power of Murphy’s influence in comedy today.

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6. Eddie Murphy + The cast of Dolemite Is My Name Talk In-depth About the Film

Eddie Murphy is considered one of the most iconic comedians of our time. After making his debut in the stand-up comedy scene in 1979, he went on to appear in some of the most successful and beloved films ever made, such as Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, and 48 Hrs. Murphy’s wit and charm have earned him legions of fans across generations. But what about the documentaries about him? There are a few films that focus on his life and career, from “The Last Comic Standing” to “Eddie Murphy: Delirious”. These films provide an in-depth look at the person behind the comic genius.


7. Conversations with Eddie Murphy of MR. CHURCH

Dreamgirls is an Academy Award-winning musical drama that tells the story of three African American women, Deena, Lorrell and Effie, and their rise to fame in the music industry. This you on a journey through Motown’s golden age with powerful performances from Eddie Murphy as James “Thunder” Early.The Nutty Professor follows Sherman Klump, a nerdy professor who creates an invention that will transform him from scrawny to buff overnight. In this classic comedy, Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters and demonstrates his amazing ability to bring them all to life.


8. Full movie I Spy 2002 Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson.

Coming to America, a comedy classic starring Eddie Murphy. It shows how Murphy can bring an entire universe to life with just one character, making viewers laugh and enjoy themselves as if they were part of the story.But what about films that capture his comedic genius in more serious settings? This is where documentaries come in. Here are some of the best documentaries that capture Eddie Murphy’s work and career.


9. Eddie Murphy & Antonio Banderas – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation

Fascinating insights into the life and career of Eddie Murphy can be gained with the captivating documentaries that have been released over the past couple of decades. From an in-depth look at his rise to fame to a personal peek into his family life, these films provide an intimate portrait of one of America’s most beloved comedians.The 2018 “Eddie Murphy: The Mark Twain Prize” is a must-see for fans of the actor. With interviews from Martin Short, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and more, this the comedian’s incredible talent with clips of some of his most iconic performances.


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