The 9 Best Documentaries About Diets

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This is an inspiring exploration of the fascinating differences and similarities between various diets. This documentary dives deep into the world of nutrition, looking at traditional methods and cutting-edge science to explore why different dietary habits have evolved in various cultures around the globe. From veganism to paleo eating, It examines every diet under the sun and reveals how they differ from one another and the potential benefits they can offer. In doing so, this documentary provides stunning insight into the science behind food and nutrition that will likely change how you view your diet. Join us on an enlightening journey into the complexity of food choices as It reveals the truth about what we put in our mouths.


1. The truth about Food, Diet and Wellness

Are you interested in learning the truth about food, diet, and wellness? Then watch this – the documentary that will open your eyes to the fascinating hidden truths about these topics. This film takes a deep dive into our heritage of traditional diets around the world. Our ancestors used simple methods to eat healthy and nourish their bodies with traditional foods. Nowadays, however, we are inundated with flashy health trends and confusing nutrition advice. This documentary provides an unbiased look into the dietary patterns of varied cultures in order to unearth the commonalities between them all.


2. Eating You Alive – Diet, Health and Wellness

This is an award-winning documentary about how dietary choices can affect our health and wellness. It takes an in-depth look at the science of nutrition, highlighting how small changes in diet can make a huge difference to our overall well-being. The film follows two individuals struggling with their health who acquire knowledge about proper nutrition and its impact on their lives. By exploring the role that diet plays in physical, emotional, and spiritual health, It seeks to provide viewers with an understanding of how food can improve our quality of life. Through interviews with leading scientists, nutritionists, doctors and wellness experts, this movie provides valuable insight into how making healthier dietary choices can truly transform our lives.


3. Health & Wellness, Diet, Food

A Documentary is an eye-opening film that explores the complicated world of nutrition. With celebrity interviews and expert commentary, this documentary delves deep into the biggest lies and myths surrounding diet and healthy eating. From plant-based vs meat diets to powerful machinations in the food industry, this film uncovers shocking truths about our current beliefs on optimal health. Join Vinnie Tortorich as he leads a cast of acclaimed health specialists into the depths of this complex issue and sheds light on its convoluted history. Learn why we eat what we do, and discover how to make better decisions in order to live an all-around healthier life.


4. Sustained Weight Loss

This is a documentary about sustained weight loss, looking at how to make healthy lifestyle changes that can help you keep the pounds off for good. In this film we dive into the science of nutrition and explore how our diet affects our health long-term. We follow individuals on their journey to shed extra pounds, learning from their successes and failures along the way.

5. The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat

What do sumo wrestlers eat to maintain their massive size? The 10,000-calorie diet is essential for sumo wrestlers to stay at the top of their game. Every meal includes a surplus of proteins and carbohydrates. Fruits, vegetables, and fish are all staples in this extreme diet plan.


6. Food in Ancient Rome

This takes viewers on a fascinating journey back in time to explore the diet of Ancient Rome. This feature-length documentary delves into the historical records and archaeological evidence to uncover what Romans ate, how they sourced their food, and how their diet evolved over time. Through interviews with historians, experts, and everyday people who still eat like the ancient Romans did.


7. How rich food and wine could help you stay healthy

This is a documentary that examines the French Paradox. This mystery of how the people of France, who consume rich food and wine, manage to remain healthy has become an intriguing subject in recent years. The documentary follows the stories of men and women from different walks of life to get an inside look into what drives their healthy lifestyle.


8. Secret Diet of Jamaica’s Rasta People

This is a documentary that follows the diet of Jamaica’s Rastafarian people — known as Ital. This film offers an insightful look into the traditional lifestyle and beliefs of this Caribbean culture, as well as how their unique eating habits promote health and longevity. Through interviews with local residents, nutritionists, and herbal experts.


9. A Plant-based Diet Changed My Life

Pat McAuley had always been an unhealthy eater. Even with regular exercise, she was often plagued by fatigue and felt like her body was not functioning optimally. But when new research came out about the correlation between a plant-based diet and improved health, Pat decided to take the plunge and try it for herself. After just a few weeks of being on a mainly plant-based diet, Pat began to experience a total transformation. She was able to keep up with her busy lifestyle and felt energized and rejuvenated. In this TEDx talk, Pat shares her inspiring story of how she changed her eating habits and improved her overall health. Through her experience, she hopes to encourage others to take steps towards caring for their bodies through proper nutrition .


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