The 9 Best Documentaries And Videos About Damar Hamlin

Mar 13, 2024 | Best Of, Sports

Damar Hamlin is an inspiring figure whose story of resilience and personal growth has inspired millions. Documentaries on his life, work and career have been a riveting look into the struggles he faced throughout his journey to success. From intimate conversations to feature-length films, there are some great documentaries about Damar Hamlin that offer insight into his remarkable story. Here, we put together a list of the best documentaries about Damar Hamlin that capture his remarkable life and journey.



This past April, the world saw the inspiring story of Damar Hamlin unfold. From his beginnings as a two-star recruit coming out of high school, to being selected in the NFL Draft and signing with the Buffalo Bills — this is a tale of hard work, determination and faith. At 6’2″ tall and weighing only 190 lbs, Damar was not seen as a top prospect heading into the draft. But when Buffalo selected Damar, it marked the culmination of a remarkable journey.


2. Damar Hamlin Injury

The Buffalo Bills organization, friends and family of Damar Hamlin, and the entire community surrounding the team was greatly impacted by what happened. Thankfully, after a brief hospital stay he is making a full recovery. To honor his memory and recognize this important moment in sports history, there have been numerous documentaries dedicated to telling Damar’s story.


3. Bills’ Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest (FULL analysis)

When it comes to understanding the story of Damar Hamlin, there are several powerful documentaries that shed light on his journey. From an in-depth look at his unlikely rise to stardom as a high school football star and player’s perspective from college scouts scouring for hidden gems — to a behind-the-scenes account of the Buffalo Bills organization taking a chance on an unheralded rookie safety — these documentaries provide a unique take on the life of one of the NFL’s most promising young players.


4. Jason and Travis Kelce discuss the Damar Hamlin incident and how it impacts the entire NFL

In this video, we’ll be looking at some of the best documentaries about Damar Hamlin and his life. From interviews with community members to discussions about how this incident has changed not only him but those surrounding him, these documentaries provide a unique look into the life of an athlete who became famous for all the wrong reasons. The first we’ll be looking at is “Damar Hamlin: Unspoken,” which details the incident that changed his life forever. From interviewing members of the Buffalo Bills organization to speaking with Damar himself, this doc provides an in-depth look into what really happened on that Monday night.


5. Megyn Kelly on Damar Hamlin, Athlete Sudden Deaths, Bill Gates & Epstein Relationship – Ask Dr. Drew

The tragedy of Damar Hamlin’s injury has spawned a number of documentaries and films that delve into the life, legacy, and impact of the former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back. From ESPN’s 30 for 30 “I’m Not Gonna Play That Game,” to the Academy Award Nominated ings,” viewers can get an in-depth look at Hamlin’s life and the circumstances surrounding his injury. Additionally, a number of documentaries have explored the NFL’s culture of physicality & its impact on the health of athletes – from “Concussion” to “Bad Boys: The Lost & Found,” these pieces provide an insightful look into how football has changed over time, and what consequences come with this change.


6. What Really Caused DAMAR HAMLIN To COLLAPSE Explained

Damar Hamlin is a filmmaker that has inspired many with his films about relationships between partners, family and friends. His work focuses on understanding the complexities of human connections and how they form in our day to day lives. Through his documentaries, he shares stories of hope and love, as well as insight into various struggles faced by individuals who are involved in these types of relationships.


7. Sean McDermott And Josh Allen On Damar Hamlin’s Progress

Great summary of the inspiring story of Damar Hamlin and his recovery. Fans can learn more about Damar’s experience by watching one of the many documentaries about him, such as “Damar Hamlin: A Buffalo Miracle” which documents his miraculous journey back from a coma to playing football again with the Bills.


8. Brandon Beane On Damar Hamlin’s Recovery

It’s been a difficult week for Damar Hamlin and his family, but the outpouring of love and support from around the world has been incredibly humbling. A recent about Damar, “Hamlin: The Story of an NFL Draft Prospect” highlights the struggles and triumphs he encountered during his journey to the NFL. It showcases what makes him special and the unique circumstances he has had to overcome on his way to fulfilling his dream of playing in the NFL.


9. Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin Cardiac Arrest on the Field, Romeo and Juliet Cast sue Paramount

Besides these high-profile stories, there are many college and professional athletes with remarkable and inspirational stories that have gone largely untold. One such athlete is former Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. An All-American at the University of Pittsburgh, Hamlin was a highly regarded prospect in his rookie year before suffering cardiac arrest on the field during a game against the New Orleans Saints.

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