The 9 Best Documentaries About Charles II

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Are you a history buff looking to learn more about one of England’s most beloved figures? Whether you’re a student studying the life and times of Charles II, or just an avid fan interested in his fascinating story, there are several top-notch documentaries that offer an interesting look into this famous king. From original footage to interviews with experts and scholars, these documentaries are sure to provide an immersive and informative experience. Here’s a look at some of the best documentaries about Charles II that will captivate viewers from start to finish. From exploring his childhood and reign to examining


1. Charles II & The Stuart Restoration Documentary

If you’re interested in learning more about the titular figure, Charles II and his impact on the Stuart Restoration, then why not explore it through a documentary? Documentaries are an excellent way to get an in-depth look at history that may be too detailed for a textbook. The following films provide viewers with a comprehensive overview of King Charles II’.


2. A Brief History Of Charles II – Charles II Of England

Charles II was the son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, both of whom were part of the House of Stuart. He is most commonly remembered for his Restoration period, which saw England move from a republic to an absolute monarchy. During this time, he sought to heal the nation’s wounds by bringing peace and stability throughout Britain.


3. The Debaucherous Reign Of King Charles II | Game Of Kings

King Charles II was one of the most scandalous rulers in all of European history, known for his debauchery and wild parties. His reign as king of England spanned from 1660 to 1685 and saw many changes both politically and socially. This documentary dives deep into the life and times of King Charles II, highlighting his controversial decisions, colorful relationships with other.


4. Private Lives of the Monarchs – S01E03 Charles II

Charles II, the ‘Merry Monarch’ of England, is one of the most fascinating figures in British history. His tumultuous journey as a ruler spanned two decades and saw him defy expectations by surviving exile to reclaim his rightful place on the throne. Private Lives of the Monarchs – S01E03 Charles II dives deep into this remarkable monarch’s life, shedding light onto.


5. How Britain’s Monarchy Almost Disappeared | Stuarts: Charles II

As the sun slowly set on the Stuart dynasty, Charles II emerged as a figure who promised to restore Britain’s monarchy and bring a new period of economic and political stability. But his reign was to be short-lived; he was quickly ousted by parliamentarians, leaving Britain without a monarch for almost two decades. This documentary tells the story of how Charles II.


6. Charles II: The Restoration of the Monarchy

Charles II’s restoration of the monarchy is a fascinating story. After his father, Charles I, was executed by Oliver Cromwell in 1649, Charles II fled to exile in Europe for nearly a decade. During that time he made strategic alliances with foreign powers and eventually returned to England in 1660 to reclaim the throne.This period saw many changes as the country adjusted.


7. The Stuarts – A Bloody Reign | Episode 3 | Charles II.

The Stuarts were one of the most powerful dynasties in British history. A Bloody Reign: Episode 3 focuses on the colorful life of Charles II, Britain’s “Merry Monarch”. From his arrival in England from his exile in France, through to his death and burial at Westminster Abbey, this documentary provides a unique insight into one of the most troubled.


8. King Charles II’s Illegitimate Children

In recent times, the life of King Charles II and his illegitimate children has become a topic of great interest. From the 17th century to now, this story has been explored by historians and filmmakers alike. While most people know about the king’s six legitimate children, few are aware of the many illegitimate offspring he had throughout his life.


9. Charles II: The Court in Exile

Charles II: A Study of His ExileFrom the moment Charles II was exiled from England in 1651 to his triumphant restoration in 1660, he endured a long and arduous journey through Europe. During this time, he had to deal with constant threats against his life, as well as financial hardship and political uncertainty. Charles II’s exile has been the subject of much.

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