The 8 Best Documentaries And Videos About Whoopi Goldberg

Feb 5, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

Whoopi Goldberg is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures in entertainment. From her incredible acting performances to her hilarious comedy, she has made an undeniable impact on the industry. But what about Whoopi’s documentary films? They provide a unique look into the life and career of this Hollywood legend, giving fans an intimate view into her world. Here are 8 of the best documentaries about Whoopi Goldberg that everyone should see. From her childhood to her most recent projects, these films paint a powerful portrait of a woman who has done it all and inspired countless others along the way.


1. Whoopi Goldberg : Filmography

The legendary Whoopi Goldberg has starred in some of the most iconic films in history. From her Academy Award-winning performance in Ghost to her Golden Globe-nominated turn as Oda Mae Brown in Sister Act, Goldberg has become a household name for generations of moviegoers. But there’s more to her story than just what she does on the silver screen — and that’s why some of the best documentaries have been made about her.


2. Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Want People to Be Scared to See Till

Have you ever wondered about what Whoopi Goldberg’s life is like when she’s not on the big screen? We’ve got the answer – documentaries! Whoopi has been featured in some of the best documentaries out there, collectively providing a window into her personal and professional life.


3. The Untold Story Of Whoopi Goldberg’s Struggle Before Fame

Whoopi Goldberg is a world-renowned entertainer with an impressive list of accomplishments. From her classic films to her bold standup comedy, she has made a major impact on the entertainment industry and beyond. But before she was a star, Whoopi had led an interesting life that included some wild jobs that helped her raise her young daughter.


4. WHOOPI GOLDBERG – The Biography Channel

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most iconic and beloved actors in recent memory. Her career has spanned across decades, from her breakout role in The Color Purple to her current roles on The View and Sister Act. To celebrate the life of Whoopi Goldberg, here are eight of the best documentaries about her. Each program provides an in-depth look into her career and personal life, offering a full understanding of her influence on the entertainment industry.


5. Whoopi Goldberg PANICS After LOSING Everything After Lawsuit

Whoopi Goldberg is no stranger to controversy, and her thoughts on the “Black Lives Matter” song are a testament to that. Her co-hosts of The View, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin were less than sympathetic with their opinion of the hit track – calling it “deplorable” and “annoying”. Of course, this statement didn’t sit well with Whoopi who claims that the message of the song was being misinterpreted.



Whoopi Goldberg is certainly an actress worthy of respect and admiration. During her peak years, she was breaking down barriers and winning awards with films like The Color Purple, Ghost (which won her an Oscar), Sister Act (which spawned a sequel) Jumping Jack Flash and Fatal Beauty. Even during the height of her fame, Whoopi took risks – most notably with her recurring role on the Star Trek: The Next Generation series as Guinan.


7. Whoopi Goldberg Interview, Judging vs Judgment

Legendary actor and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has been one of the most influential figures in comedy for decades. On The Chris Cuomo Project this week, Chris and Whoopi explore a wide range of topics from Emmett Till’s murder to her current film “Till” on racial injustice, Marco Rubio’s immigration policies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s online heroics, and more.


8. The Truth About Whoopi Goldberg’s Relationship History

Whoopi Goldberg is an entertainment titan with a career spanning multiple awards and recognition. Her story, however, extends beyond the entertainment world – one filled with both public and private relationships and marriages. Even her daughter has been part of it all! While Whoopi isn’t shy about sharing details on some parts of her life, there’s still much that remains unknown or kept to herself.


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