The 8 Best Documentaries About Spaceships

Oct 27, 2023 | Best Of, Science, Technology

From the first man-made satellite launching into space in 1957 to the ever expanding universe of exploration, space travel has been an intriguing mystery and a subject of endless fascination. As technology and awareness have grown, so too has our interest in understanding more about this vast expanse beyond our planet. This list will cover some of the most captivating documentaries that explore the mysteries of space — from iconic missions to modern marvels. So, buckle up and join us on a journey of outer-space exploration as we delve into the 10 best documentaries about spaceships!


1. How did the Orbiter Vehicle work? (Space Shuttle)

From its first launch in 1981, the Space Shuttle was a revolutionary craft that would shape the way we explored space for decades. The Orbiter Vehicle (OV) was its main component. This vehicle could be launched into orbit around Earth and then re-enter the atmosphere to land like an airplane – making it unique from any other spacecraft before it. The Orbiter Vehicle was capable of carrying up to seven astronauts and a variety of payloads into space. It was designed to be reusable – meaning it could be flown multiple times and save on mission costs. The OV had three main components – the crew compartment, an external tank, and two solid rocket boosters.


2. The Evolution of Space Rockets

What drives us to explore the vastness of space? Is it a will to push the boundaries of science and technology, or something more primal within us that compels us to go further than ever before? Many scientists argue that our fascination with rockets began with the wild imaginations of early sci-fi writers. But was their influence on rocketry really as great as we think? To gain some insight into this question, it’s worth taking a closer look at the most famous documentaries about space rockets.


3. SpaceX Starship SN8 Flight: The Mini Documentary

On the 9th of December, SpaceX made history with their stunning launch of Starship SN8. Reaching heights of 12.5 km (41,000 ft), it was undoubtedly a sight to behold and left us all in awe. South Padre Island lit up with joy from the spectators who gathered for this incredible feat. We were also fortunate enough to meet Gene and Rachel of, avid documentary makers and two wonderful people we can only admire. They were there to capture it all – the joy, the passion and the sheer elation from witnessing something so incredible. Their hard work has certainly been rewarded as they spread their inspiring stories to an ever-growing audience! This moment will go down in history as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. We are so thankful that SpaceX have allowed us to share in this journey and experience the incredible capabilities of modern engineering. Here’s to many more successful launches and beautiful moments!



A documentary looking at the changing face of space exploration. From AI-driven starships to orbital refueling and colonization of Mars, this film seeks to explore the incredible possibilities that lie ahead in the field of space travel. See some amazing visuals as you learn about new methods for manufacturing in deep space, and consider the impact that advances in space technology are having on our civilization. Examine the advances in engineering that make space exploration more efficient and reliable, while also taking a look at future possibilities such as interstellar travel. Join this incredible journey into the far reaches of our galaxy!


5. Interstellar Spaceships, Warp Drives & Faster-Than-Light Propulsion [Documentary] 2016

Interstellar travel has held a special fascination for humanity, and we have always been tantalized by the possibilities of what could lie in the distant stars. What secrets do they hold? This takes you on a journey to explore some of these unknown mysteries as we delve into the world of interstellar spaceships, warp drives, and faster-than-light propulsion. This documentary dives deep into the technology that could make interstellar travel a reality, and reveals some amazing facts about the future of our space exploration. Through interviews with leading scientists in the field, we learn about the physics behind such ambitious concepts as warp drive, faster-than-light propulsion, and more. We also explore some of the fascinating experiments and research being done to further our understanding of these technologies. From the mysteries of dark matter to engine-building challenges, this documentary explores it all in an exciting and informative way. Whether you’re a space exploration enthusiast or just curious about the possibilities of interstellar travel, DNBD is sure to have something for you! So join us on our journey and explore the future of interstellar spaceships!


6. Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth. A short film by Ivorypress.

This is an exciting exploration of the life and work of Buckminster Fuller, one of the most influential figures in the modern era. His unique vision for a better future has inspired generations of innovators to strive for a more sustainable world. This documentary follows his journey from humble beginnings through his revolutionary breakthroughs that have shaped our universe today. From developing groundbreaking theories on energy and resource efficiency, to the development of groundbreaking materials used in our everyday lives, this documentary delves deep into Buckminster Fuller’s remarkable accomplishments and his lasting legacy. Get an up close and personal look at some of the most incredible achievements of one of the greatest minds ever known. Be wowed by his life-changing discoveries that have shaped our world for generations to come.


7. HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour – United Launch Alliance) – Smarter Every Day 231

Experience the Incredible Wonders of Rocket-Making – Smarter Every Day 231. Ever wanted to know what goes into making a powerful rocket? Are you curious about the intricate engineering and complex construction techniques behind these amazing space vessels? Look no further than Smarter Every Day 231, where host Destin Sandlin takes viewers on an incredible journey into the world of United Launch Alliance’s rocket factory.


8. How Did They Build The Very First Space Shuttles? | Cosmic Vistas | Progress

Welcome to Progress! A destination for amazing stories of innovation and exploration. Celebrating the technological achievements that have changed our world, from the first printing press to today’s rocket-powered marvels. We invite you on a journey through time as we explore some of history’s greatest leaps forward in technology. Discover how people used their curiosity and creativity to push boundaries, create incredible inventions and get us to the stars. Explore some of the most iconic spacecrafts ever built, learn about their remarkable journeys and how they revolutionized space exploration. From early shuttles to more recent space missions, you’ll experience an inspiring adventure into the unknown.


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