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Sebastian Coe is one of the most revered athletes in history. He has achieved a record-breaking 12 Olympic medals, won four world titles, and set 16 outdoor and eight indoor world records. To commemorate his extraordinary career, several documentaries have been released that tell the story of his successes and uncover some of the secrets to his success. Here are 8 of the best documentaries about Sebastian Coe that you can watch right now. The first documentary on our list is ‘Breaking Records: The Inside Story of the Extraordinary Career of Lord Sebastian Coe’. This film tells the story of his career, from his humble beginnings to his incredible success and legacy. You’ll get a glimpse into what motivated him to achieve such amazing feats and learn more about his approach to training.

1.Seb Coe Interviewed by Brendan Foster

This is an interesting glimpse into the life of one of Britain’s greatest athletes, and a must-watch for any fan. Another excellent documentary focusing on Coe’s athletic career is ‘The Golden Boy’ which looks back at his Olympic successes and records in the 1970s and 1980s. The film features interviews with Coe himself, as well as those closest to him and his family. The 2017 documentary ‘Clare Balding meets Sebastian Coe’ is another great watch for anyone interested in the life of this inspiring athlete. The program examines Coe’s time managing the British Olympic team up until the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he played a key role in helping secure multiple medals for Team GB. For a thoroughly entertaining look at Coe’s life and career, ‘The Man Who Changed the World’ is a must-watch. This documentary looks at how Coe rose from humble beginnings to become one of Britain’s greatest athletes – inspiring millions of people in the process.


2. Sebastian Coe – This isn’t an anti-doping free zone

Sebastian Coe is a legendary figure in the world of athletics and his career has been chronicled in several documentaries. Here are some of the best documentaries about Sebastian Coe: The Perfect Distance (2016): Produced by BBC, this documentary follows Coe’s journey from an unknown athlete to a champion middle-distance runner. Through archival footage and interviews, the documentary looks at Coe’s rise to become one of the world’s greatest athletes and how he shaped modern athletics. Paavo Nurmi: King of Runners (2016): This documentary tells the story of Finnish long-distance runner, Paavo Nurmi, one of the greatest athletes of all time. It includes interviews with Coe and some of Nurmi’s contemporaries to explore his remarkable career and impact on athletics.


3. 1979 Golden Mile- Seb Coe(WR),Oslo

In an effort to understand what made Coe so successful, documentary filmmakers have created a series of films that explore the legendary runner’s career and accomplishments. From his early days as a promising athlete through his numerous world records, these documentaries provide an inside look at the life and career of one of the greatest milers in history. The first documentary, Sebastian Coe: The Riddle of the Mile, was released in 1981 and it remains to this day one of the most comprehensive explorations of his life and career. This Academy Award nominated film follows Coe from his early days as a schoolboy athlete up through his Olympic gold medal performances. It includes interviews with fellow athletes and coaches, as well as archival footage of his races. The most recent documentary about Coe is The Best of the Mile: Sebastian Coe, which was released in 2017.This film examines Coe’s illustrious career through interviews with those who got to know him the best, such as his coach Peter Elliott and his biggest rival Steve Cram.


4. Sebastian Coe keynote speech at the European Athletics Convention

Sebastian Coe is a legendary British athlete, politician, and current President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). His life story has been documented in several award-winning documentaries about his athletic career, political rise to power, and his work with the IAAF. Here are five of the best documentaries about Sebastian Coe and his remarkable life. `Sebastian Coe: The Untold Story` (2015). This gripping documentary follows Sebastian Coe from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most beloved sports figures of all time. It also takes a look at his esteemed career as a politician, IAAF President, and Olympic Games ambassador. `The Making Of A Champion` (2011). This award-winning documentary chronicles the meteoric rise of Sebastian Coe as one of the most successful athletes to come out of Britain. The film features interviews with friends and rivals, exploring his journey from a young athlete to becoming an Olympic gold medalist.


5. Seb Coe – Olympic speculation not fair on athletes

Coe’s career has been filled with successes and records, but it’s just as interesting to learn more about him through some of the best documentaries ever made. From his upbringing in South Yorkshire to his rise in the athletics world to becoming president of World Athletics, here are some of the best documentaries available that profile Lord Sebastian Coe. “The Extra Mile” tells the story of Coe’s rise to success in the world of athletics and his remarkable achievements. Uncovering the sacrifices that he had to make in order for him to succeed, this film is a must-watch for any fan or student of sport.


6. ONE X ONE – SEBASTIAN COE, President of World Athletics

All these questions, and many more, are explored in the following documentaries about four-time Olympic gold medallist Sebastian Coe. Understanding Performance Under Pressure with Sir Sebastian Coe: This documentary from Sky Sports looks at how the world’s best athletes maintain an edge under intense pressure. Through his own experience of competing at four Olympics – including winning two gold medals in the 1500m – Sir Coe explains how to survive and thrive when it matters most. Sebastian Coe: Inside Track: This BBC documentary takes a comprehensive look at the life of one of Britain’s greatest Olympians.


7. Sebastian COE vs Steve CRAM. Great Court Run Chariots of Fire

The Great Court Run has become something of a tourist attraction, and is watched every year by hundreds of visitors. To ensure that the runners are not excessively hindered or impeded, it is traditional for members of College to form two lines with linked arms between which the runners pass as they make their way around the court. Sebastian Coe himself attempted the run in 1982, while filming a documentary about his life and athletics career. The film, Showing the Flag (Alan Bridges & Paul Sommers, 1983), follows Coe as he attempts to re-make his mark on the world of track and field. It provides an interesting insight into both Coe’s personal life and his professional ambitions. Coe’s attempt at the Great Court Run is truly inspiring. He blasts through the court, with hundreds of people cheering him on as he passes under the famous archway to finish.


8. WADA Talks Live! With Lord Seb Coe

Since then, four documentaries have been released, each telling a different angle of his remarkable story. From being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II through to his pivotal role in London winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics, these films offer insight into Lord Coe’s life, career and the hard work it took to get there. For those who want to know more about Lord Coe and his journey, here is a list of our four favourite documentaries about Sebastian Coe. This full-length documentary narrates Lord Coe’s athletic career from being an Olympic champion and setting world records to becoming President of the IAAF. It captures his sporting achievements, as well as his involvement in London’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympics, and features interviews with family members, competitors and officials.



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