The 8 Best Documentaries About Ruby Ridge

Sep 29, 2023 | Best Of, Crime

As one of the most controversial and high profile standoffs in American history, Ruby Ridge was a topic of intense debate. The dramatized events that occurred between Randy Weaver, his family, and the Federal Marshals during the 1992 armed siege still spark intrigue and discussion today. Many documentaries have been created to capture all angles of this tumultuous event – from those who sympathize with the Weavers’ plight to those who criticize their actions.


1. Ruby Ridge | American Experience

Ruby Ridge is the site of a gripping and intense standoff between Randy Weaver, his family, and six heavily armed U.S. Marshals in 1992. Before dawn on August 21st, the marshals made their way up to Weaver’s isolated mountaintop home, located in Northern Idaho. On charges of selling two illegal sawed-off shotguns to an undercover agent, Weaver had failed to appear in court and law enforcement was tasked with bringing him in. It was soon discovered that he had been stockpiling a number of firearms – some of them automatic weapons – within the property.


2. Ruby Ridge & FBI murders Documentary

Randy Weaver and his family were living peaceful lives in Ruby Ridge, the secluded mountain community of northern Idaho. However, their quiet existence was disrupted by a deadly confrontation with FBI agents who descended upon the camp in 1992. The incident became a major story that sparked national outrage and scrutiny of the agency’s tactics. This documentary explores this tragic event through interviews with Randy Weaver, his family, and those involved in the incident. It follows Randy’s journey from a peaceful mountain hermit to an internationally famous political activist, revealing the truth behind the events that unfolded on Ruby Ridge.


3. The FBI Siege of Ruby Ridge

The FBI’s siege of Ruby Ridge was one of the most tragic and embarrassing moments in law enforcement history. After an unfortunate entrapment attempt by a federal undercover agent, Randy Weaver, a former Green Beret, refused to become an informant when asked to saw off two shotguns and decided instead to go into hiding. The feds then began patrolling his property with armed forces and rigging it for surveillance, initiating an 11-day siege that ended in the death of Randy’s wife, son and pet. Poor decision making and excessive force by federal law enforcement resulted in this tragic event – one that still resonates with citizens today.


4. The Case of Ruby Ridge

The Case of Ruby Ridge is a shocking story that shook the world. It all started when Randy Weaver failed to appear in court on an altered firearms charge. The federal agents attempted to have him arrested, but it ended with an unexpected siege that quickly entered the public’s attention. People were stunned by the events that unfolded in the rural hills, and since then, documentaries about this case have been produced to document and provide an in-depth look into the details of this momentous incident. Through these documentaries, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the tension that surrounded Ruby Ridge and its lasting impact on America’s history.


5. Ruby Creek Massacre – About Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge – Rhodes Production Systems

The infamous Ruby Creek Massacre was one of the most shocking events to take place in modern American history. It began when federal agents attempted to arrest Randy Weaver, a white separatist living on isolated Ruby Ridge in Idaho. The confrontation escalated and soon led to an 11-day armed standoff between federal agents and Weaver’s family and supporters. Through it all, the government maintained that their agents had acted in self-defense. But the legacy of Ruby Ridge remains one shrouded in mystery and controversy to this day.


6. Ruby Ridge Hearings – Under Fire

The Ruby Ridge standoff stands as one of the most infamous events in recent history. In 1992, a confrontation between Randy Weaver, his family, and federal agents resulted in the death of Weaver’s wife Vicki and son Sammy. The ATF set up Weaver with an illegal shotgun transaction to bring him in on a weapons charge; what followed was an 11-day siege that captivated the country and sparked an intense controversy over government tactics.


7. The Ruby Ridge Massacre

The Ruby Ridge Massacre is case of the US government turning its back on its own people. As a result of law enforcement disregarding standard procedures, innocent civilians were hurt and killed. This tragic event led to massive protests in the United States, calling for an end to injustices inflicted by governmental authorities. It further exposed the deep divide between citizens and officials within our country. This massacre made it clear that the government must be held accountable to its citizens, and must not turn a blind eye to civil unrest. The Ruby Ridge Massacre will remain an important reminder of our nation’s failure to uphold justice for all.



The Ruby Ridge standoff of 1992 left an indelible mark on the nation. The eleven-day siege began when Randy Weaver, members of his family and friend Kevin Harris refused to comply with U.S Marshals and FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team requests. This event sparked intense media coverage that continues to be explored through documentaries 27 years later. The siege and subsequent events changed the landscape of justice in America.



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