The 8 Best Documentaries About Rose Styron

Sep 28, 2023 | Best Of

If you are looking for an inside look into the life and works of Rose Styron, then you must check out these five amazing documentaries about her. From rare interviews with family members to never-before-seen footage, these educational and inspiring films take you on a journey through Rose’s incredible artistry by exploring her history, career goals, and legacy. Not only will you learn more about her, but these documentaries also provide a deeper understanding of the world around us.


1. Rose Styron – Selected Letters of William Styron

Rose Styron – Letters of a Legendary Figure William Styron was an iconic figure in the literary world, and his life has been documented through many books and films. Rose Styron: Selected Letters of William Styron is one such documentary that delves into the life and times of this famous author. Through a selection of letters written by him to family, friends and colleagues, the film offers an intimate portrait of a man whose literary accomplishments have earned him a place within the pantheon of great American writers.

2. Extended interview: Author Rose Styron on her early literary life and more

Rose Styron has had an impressive literary career, and her memoir “Beyond This Harbor” is a testament to that. Recently, author James Lapine created the documentary “In the Company of Rose” to explore how she got there. In this extended interview with Mo Rocca, hear from Rose as she recounts her journey from learning how to read in childhood to becoming a published writer.Meanwhile, Conor Knighton stops by the de Young Museum in San Francisco to learn about the Ansel Adams exhibit it houses. The “Here Comes the Sun” segment dives deep into some of the stories and people featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

3. Frank McCourt & Rose Styron in Conversation

Rose Styron, the daughter of Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron and Rosa Stelloff, has made her own impact on literature and culture. An acclaimed novelist in her own right, she is also an advocate for social justice and environmental conservation. Now, Frank McCourt and Rose Styron come together in a powerful documentary to discuss their respective roles as authors, parents, and social activists. The film traces their journeys from humble beginnings to international acclaim and serves as a call-to-action for those fighting for justice and the greater good.

4. Do Lectures 2014 – Rose Styron – The Beauty of Wisdom

It is with great honor that we are able to present the beautiful story of Rose Styron. She is a friend, mother, poet, human rights activist and journalist who is well loved and respected by those around her. Her life has been filled with selfless acts of kindness, compassion for those in need and capture of the world she lives in through her writing. This documentary gives the audience a chance to hear her story and her words in their purest form. Rose Styron is a beacon of light, wisdom and strength; we are excited for you all to experience it now.

5. MVM Rose Styron Garden Tribute

MVM Rose Styron Garden Tribute is an inspirational and peaceful place to experience the vibrant intellectual life that Rose embodied. Artist Lew French helped create this serene natural space, where visitors can find moments of reflection amidst its flora and stone work. The dedicated members of the MV Garden Club volunteered their time to design and plant the garden’s diverse range of plants, and we are forever grateful for their hard work. Listeners can learn more about Rose’s open-minded approach to intellectual life by hearing her read some of her poetry in the garden before it was fully planted.

6. A Special Episode of Write America (76) : Rose Styron, Edward Hirsch and Elizabeth Hawes Weinstock

In the 76th episode of Write America, Roger Rosenblatt takes us on a unique journey with Rose Styron, Edward Hirsch and Elizabeth Hawes Weinstock. This creative episode explores the lives and works of these three great American writers. In addition to hearing their own stories, we get to see what makes them such powerful literary figures. The episode showcases intricate and poignant conversations between the three writers. Rose Styron reminisces about her formative years, while Edward Hirsch delves deep into his passion for poetry and literature. Elizabeth Hawes Weinstock’s story is no less intense, showing how she used her writing to achieve personal growth and development.

7. Author Rose Styron and photographer Ansel Adams’ work | Here Comes the Sun

Conor Knighton takes us to the de Young Museum in San Francisco, offering a closer look at Ansel Adams’ work and some of the people, places and things we bring you every week on “CBS Sunday Morning.” Then, Mo Rocca interviews author Rose Styron for her memoir “Beyond This Harbor” and James Lapine’s documentary “In the Company of Rose.” She shares how she learned to read and the motivations behind her work.


Oblong Online: Rose Styron – A Defining Figure in the Arts and Human Rights Rose Styron is a name that has become synonymous with excellence – not only in the world of literature, but also as an international human rights activist and a pioneering voice for freedom and justice. Her varied accomplishments through her life have made her an iconic figure to generations of people. Her memoir, Beyond This Harbor: Adventurous Tales of the Heart, is a testament to her courage and remarkable story-telling abilities as she chronicles her amazing life in colorful detail.

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