The 8 Best Documentaries About Mermaids

Jul 6, 2023 | Aliens/UFO, Best Of, Culture

Mermaids often play a role in tales of sorrow, depression, and wishful thinking; they are known for their attractive beauty and can be referred to as sea nymphs or selkies. With legs and feet that look like those of a fish, tail fins like those found on fish, and sometimes an additional head at the front of their torso or heads on either side of their face – these creatures have been captivating imaginations since ancient times.


1. Do The Water People Exist… The Evidence of Real Mermaids!

Mermaids are mysterious creatures that have been captivating people for thousands of years. From Irish folklore to African tales, these mythical beings have existed in various cultures around the world. But is there any truth to their existence? In this documentary, we explore the evidence and uncover some surprising facts about mermaids! Get ready to dive deep into a fantastical world where anything is possible!


2. Legend of Atlantis Documentary

Discover the mysterious and fascinating world of mermaids through this documentary! Uncover the secrets behind lost civilizations that have been shrouded by myth and fiction for centuries. Explore how our oceans have changed over time, why they are so important to life on Earth, and what can be done now to reverse climate change before it’s too late. Experience an in-depth journey into the unknown as you explore some of the best documentaries about mermaids!


3. Mermaids The Body Found: Are Mermaids Real?

What if there was something out in the deep sea that no one had ever seen before? Something mysterious and unknown, calling from the depths of Antarctica. Dr. Brian McCormick heard it – an otherworldly sound coming from a creature he called “The Bloop.” Join us as we explore this amazing discovery, and uncover groundbreaking evidence about our own origins. We’ll also take a look at some of the best documentaries about mermaids to learn more about these mythical creatures!


4. Zimbabwe’s Mermaid & Fae Problem

Are you curious about the world of mermaids? Have you ever heard stories of mysterious creatures inhabiting local dams? In this documentary, we take a look at six different cases where people have reported sighting mermaids. From dam workers in Mutare and Manicaland to those in Midlands, we explore the reasons behind their fear and how they sought to appease these spirits. Discover why some chose not to return if no solutions were found and join us on our journey into the unknown!


5. Mermaids Are Aliens | The Official Documentary

In this video, we explore the theory that mermaids may actually be aliens from another planet! We will look at evidence and arguments to prove this idea. By the end of this video, you will have a whole new perspective on these fascinating creatures. We know that aliens exist in our universe ā€“ but what if instead of looking up into space for them, we should be looking down into our very own seas? It is possible that the mermaids living in our oceans were once visitors from an extraterrestrial world.


6. Mermaid Sightings – Why do people believe in mermaids?

Mermaids have been part of folklore and mythology for centuries. But why is the mermaid legend so universal? In this documentary, we explore the history and reasons behind why these creatures have captivated our imaginations for generations. Dive into a world of mystery as we uncover what makes these mythical beings so alluring!


7. Mermaids

From discovering real life conches in the depths of our oceans to looking back at ancient myths, these films explore mermaids like never before. Uncover what happens when two worlds collide with ‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ or discover a fierce modern representation of the mythical creature through ‘The Mermaid Lagoon’. And don’t forget to check out ‘Mermaid Sightings’, which looks at some of the most remarkable sightings around the world today.


8. The mermaids of Lake Sebu

This story is featured in the documentary “Finding Mermaids”, one of the 8 best documentaries about mermaids. It follows Anita as she learns to sing her hidden song, and illustrates how traditional music can help individuals find their inner strength and power. Watch as she journeys from shyness to confidence with Mendungā€™s guidance and explore the unique culture of a small village that values women musicians. Through this inspiring tale, viewers will gain insight into the magic and beauty of singing. Enjoy Finding Mermaids today!


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