The 8 Best Documentaries About Jerry Lee Lewis

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Ah, Jerry Lee Lewis – the spectacularly talented rock ‘n’ roll pioneer who made waves in the 1950s and 60s. He was a wild man with an electrifying live show, a voice that could move mountains, and he left us all wanting more. But what can we still learn about this larger-than- life figure? Thankfully, several documentaries have been made about this enigmatic man and his extraordinary legacy. Let’s take a look at some of the best documentaries that tell the story of Jerry Lee Lewis. From poignant biographies to classic concert films, these are the essential pieces of cinema that document this rock ‘n’ roll legend for generations to come. Get ready to crank up the volume and find out everything there is to know about Jerry Lee Lewis!


1. Jerry Lee Lewis Documentary 1990

This is one of the most popular documentaries ever made about Jerry Lee Lewis. Directed by legendary filmmaker Hal Bartlett, it is an exploration into the life and career of this enigmatic musician. The film follows Lewis from his childhood in Ferriday, Louisiana to his success as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recipient.


2. Jerry Lee Lewis – Behind The Music documentary

Dive deep into the life and music of one of the most influential rock-and-roll icons ever: Jerry Lee Lewis. This documentary takes viewers on a journey from his rocky beginnings in small town Louisiana to becoming one of the greatest piano players in history. From there, it traces his turbulent personal life and his incredible career. Audiences will be able to see how Jerry Lee’s talent was shaped by his upbringing, the support of family and friends, as well as the trials and tribulations of a life spent in pursuit of musical greatness. Along with exclusive interviews with those closest to him, this film offers an intimate look at the man behind the music.


3. Jerry Lee Lewis documentary

Jerry Lee Lewis is an icon in the music world. From his wild and exuberant style of rock ‘n’ roll to his unbridled passion for performing, Jerry Lee has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world. His talent and creativity have made him one of the most beloved musicians in history, and now you can experience it all through some of the best documentaries about Jerry Lee Lewis.


4. The Jerry Lee Lewis Story

The King of Rock and Roll’s musical career is an incredible tale. The music of Jerry Lee Lewis has been a cornerstone of American culture for the past several decades, inspiring generations of musicians to push the boundaries of what’s possible. A new documentary from acclaimed director Monty Berman, takes us on a journey through the life and times of the legendary artist. Through interviews and archival footage, we gain a unique perspective into Jerry’s story – from his early upbringing in Louisiana, to his meteoric rise to stardom.


5. Jerry Lee Lewis – ‘Fats & Friends’ Full Documentary with Fats Domino, Ray Charles & Ron Wood

Catch a glimpse into the life of legendary musician Jerry Lee Lewis! A full documentary featuring artists Fats Domino, Ray Charles, and Ron Wood, showcases an intimate look at this timeless performer. This special event, which took place on May 6th 1986, presents never before seen recordings and interviews with each artist. Through unrivaled access, the documentary captures their unique styles, personalities, and stories that span more than five decades of Jerry Lee Lewis’ legendary career.


6. Jerry Lee Lewis – The Story Of Rock and Roll

The story of Jerry Lee Lewis is one of rock and roll’s greatest legends. From his childhood in Louisiana to his tumultuous career as an international musician, Jerry Lee Lewis has left an indelible mark on the music industry and beyond. As a young boy growing up in the rural South, he experienced poverty firsthand. Despite being surrounded by destitution, he was able to find solace and inspiration in the church. His father taught him how to play piano, which would eventually become his ticket out of poverty.


7. Tour of SUN STUDIO Elvis Presley Johnny Cash Jerry Lee Lewis

This is a film that takes viewers on an intimate journey around Sun Studio, exploring the roots of rock and roll through the eyes of the late icon Jerry Lee Lewis. Through archival footage and original interviews with his closest friends, followers can experience first hand how he revolutionized popular music. This documentary also delves into moments from his legendary career, including remarkable performances of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and many others. Through this captivating narrative, viewers will appreciate the impact of Jerry Lee Lewis on American culture more fully than ever before. From his rise to fame and back again, to his wild stage antics and passionate lyrics, it sheds light on all aspects of the musical great’s life while offering insight into the turbulent music industry .


8. Jerry Lee Lewis – The Death of the Killer’s Wife

Just when you thought the story of Jerry Lee Lewis couldn’t get any more tragic, ABC-TV 20/20 revealed an incredible heartbreaker. The documentary tells the tale of how Jerry’s beloved wife was taken from him in a heartbreaking accident.The documentary shines a light on how the legendary rock n’ roll star’s life changed in one momentous day. We see intimate moments between Jerry and he as they shared their love for each other, and how it all came to a bitter end.


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