The 8 Best Documentaries About Influencers

Aug 19, 2023 | Best Of, Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes in the world of influencers? How do they create such impressive content and build their brands? To answer these questions, many have turned to documentaries about influencers to get an inside look. From powerful stories about social media’s impact on society to intimate portraits of influencer life.


1. The Power of Online Influencers

In today’s modern society, the role of influencers has become incredibly important. From directing consumer behavior to sparking social movements, there is no denying that online influencers are shaping our world. The Best Documentaries About Influencers provides a comprehensive look at this phenomenon from multiple perspectives and experiences.


2. The hidden dangers of social media

Social networks have become a dictatorships of happiness. We spend hours scrolling through feeds on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, all vying for like, shares and retweets to validate our existences. This addiction to success can be detrimental to the psychological health of young people who are particularly impressionable – especially when everything appears perfect in this virtual world.


3. Wish You Knew: About Being An Influencer

Do influencers feel the pressure of being judged and followed on social media? Aimee Song, Tess Holliday, Blair Imani, Deon Hinton share their thoughts on this growing phenomenon. These real-life influencers get candid about the highs and lows of having an online presence—from critiques to cyberbullying.


4. The Influencer Bubble

Ten years ago, the top Youtubers weren’t living glamorous lives. For many, their careers were just hobbies that earned them a little extra side money. But now influencers are on par with celebrities and athletes – they have the same level of reach, fame, and income.


5. The Controversial World of Parent Influencers

Mum influencers are a rapidly growing demographic with brands vying for their attention and influence. However, this new frontier of parenting raises questions about where the boundaries between family life and ‘work’ should be drawn. How can parents balance the opportunity presented by such roles, while also ensuring that their children’s image and consent are respected?


6.  How To Make It As A TikTok Influencer

The internet has revolutionized the way we live, and that includes how Gen Z teens dream of making their mark on the world. With TikTok, even the wildest dreams have become reality for some. But is fame truly just a few clicks away?


7. The Rise of Far-Right Female Influencers

Across the world, female far-right politicians are gaining momentum. They’ve been able to use their femininity to help detoxify and rejuvenate right-wing politics in many countries. In Italy, Georgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy gained the most seats in parliament in 2022; Marine Le Pen has twice taken her party from a fringe group to the main opposition in France.


8. Inside the world of a rural Instagram influencer

Meet Dancer Sanatan and Savitri – the fascinating sibling duo from a rural village in Jharkhand. With their videos, they’ve captivated millions of viewers throughout India! Sanatan and Savitri’s content is unique; unlike other influencers, it doesn’t feature luxury travels or well-groomed pets, but instead showcases mud homes and floods, along with a love for Bollywood.

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