The 8 Best Documentaries About Henry VI

Dec 5, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

Are you interested in learning more about the fascinating life of King Henry VI? Or maybe you want to gain a greater understanding of how he impacted England’s history? There are many documentaries about the famous king that can help you explore this topic. From his rise to power to his eventual downfall, these captivating documentaries will provide an in-depth look into the life and times of Henry VI. Dive into the world of medieval England and explore the legacy of one of its most influential rulers with these must-see documentaries about Henry VI!


1. Henry VI – The Mad King of England Documentary

Henry VI was a renowned and infamous monarch whose reign spanned over four decades. This documentary gives an in-depth look at his life, from his rise to the throne as a child until his untimely death at the age of 48. Through archival footage, reenactments, interviews with experts on the period, and commentary from contemporaries and Henry himself.


2. Henry VI: Was This England’s Worst Ever Ruler? | Britain’s Bloody Crown

England’s Most Controversial Ruler: Henry VI and the Bloody Crown | A Historical Exploration Henry VI, England’s most controversial ruler, is one of its oldest monarchs. His reign was filled with political strife and bloodshed as he struggled to maintain control in a time of great turmoil. He managed to unite both the houses of York and Lancaster into a single kingdom.


3. A Brief History Of Henry Of Windsor – Henry VI Of England

The life of Henry of Windsor, known by many as King Henry VI of England, is a fascinating story to learn about. Born in 1421, he was the only son of the current monarch at that time – Henry V. With his father passing away when he was just nine months old, young Henry soon found himself thrust onto the throne and into a world of royalty.


4. Henry VI: The Mad King Who Caused The War Of The Roses | Wars Of The Roses

Henry VI was a complex figure in English history that left behind a legacy of violence and destruction. The War of the Roses, one of the most destructive wars in British history, stemmed from Henry’s reign as King. To this day this period remains an engrossing mystery for historians to unravel.These captivating documentaries explore the story of Henry VI and the causes.


5. How did HENRY VI die? | Digging up Henry VI | brutal royal murders | where did Henry VI die?

Henry VI: Brutal Royal Murders From his mysterious birth in the Tower of London to his untimely death, Henry VI has been one of England’s most talked-about royals. Many historians have speculated on how he died and where it happened. But it is clear that King Henry was murdered under brutally violent circumstances — a shocking end for one.


6. National Geographic Documentary Inside The Court Of Henry Vİ Full History Documentary 2015

Captivating stories of Henry Vİ’s life are often told in documentary form, and his reign is one filled with fascinating tales that have lasted through the centuries. ‘Inside The Court Of Henry Vİ’ is a National Geographic 2015 documentary which takes us on a journey into the great ruler’s court, exploring his successes, setbacks and monumental legacy.


7. MARGARET OF ANJOU Queen of England | The woman who lost the Wars of the Roses | the wife of Henry VI

MARGARET OF ANJOU: England’s Warrior Queen | The Woman Who Battled the Wars of the Roses | Henry VI’s Beloved Wife The remarkable story of Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England, has been captured in a series of captivating documentaries. As the wife of King Henry VI, she was thrust into a life of.


8. HENRY VI of ENGLAND – WikiVidi Documentary

Henry VI was a complicated monarch in history, with a fascinating story that has been documented in great detail. For those looking to learn more about this important figure, there are some excellent documentaries out there that cover Henry’s life and reign. The WikiVidi documentary on Henry VI is an amazing look at his life from birth to death. It begins by examining his.


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