The 8 Best Documentaries About African Cannibal Tribes

Jan 25, 2024 | Best Of, Culture, History

Whether you’re a lover of documentaries, a student of anthropology or an enthusiast of African culture, you’ll want to check out the best documentaries about African cannibal tribes. From deep dives into the fascinating rituals and traditions of these groups to understanding their effects on local populations, these films offer a truly unique perspective on cultures that are not often seen in the mainstream. With a wide range of topics to explore, including human sacrifice and hunting rituals, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest. Prepare to be intrigued and fascinated as we take a look at the best documentaries about African cannibal tribes.


1. Cannibalism

This documentary, delves into one of the most intimate and mysterious cultures in the world: cannibal tribes throughout Africa. Through interviews with former cannibals, research experts, and local inhabitants, viewers are granted a unique glimpse into a culture rarely seen by outsiders. From its surprising history to its present day practices, It illuminates a fascinating, and often misunderstood, part of human culture in a respectful and respectful manner. In this, viewers will have the opportunity to explore the various aspects of this tradition: its beginnings, customs, food production methods and rituals. They’ll also meet former cannibals who share their stories—inspiring tales that highlight both the good and bad elements of their past lives.


2. Marked  for death

Deep in the jungle, a forgotten tribe has kept its secrets for centuries. But when one of their own returns, they may have to confront what caused their exile – and face their darkest fear:  the renowned cannibal queen. Her family was banished from the village years ago after being accused of eating human flesh. For generations they had been isolated in the jungle, but now one of their own has come back.


3. Escaped From A Village Of Cannibals In Uganda

We had heard the rumors about Cannibal. We’d heard all kinds of strange stories from our friends and family about a village in Uganda that was reported to be home to cannibal tribes. But it seemed too bizarre to believe. Until the day we decided to take our own journey there and see for ourselves what this place was all about.


4. The Cannibalism People Of Kenya

This is a documentary about the intricate and complex practices of the Kenyan people living in rural areas. It explores their unique culture and traditions, including the practice of cannibalism. This film examines what it means to be a part of this ancient tribal society and why they would resort to eating human flesh as a last food source. Through interviews with members of the tribe, It tells a story of survival and adaptation to an ever-changing environment.


5. Mysterious Cannibal tribes

The captivating documentary about some of the most intriguing cannibal tribes in Africa, is a must-see for any person interested in learning more about these ancient cultures. This film follows an intrepid explorer as they discover the secrets of these mysterious communities and uncover their remarkable traditions. From tales of ritualistic feasting to the peculiar beliefs that shape their way of life, the insightful journey reveals an entirely unique and unexpected way of life.


6. Interview with a Cannibal

This is a documentary that delves into the depths of cannibalism and its place in modern society. This film follows Issei Sagawa, a man who murdered an innocent woman and proceeded to spend three days consuming her flesh. Despite his heinous act, Issei was able to take advantage of loopholes in the law and now walks among us as a free man.


7. The Cannibal Killing of Michael Rockefeller

The tragedy of Michael Rockefeller is a story that’s been told and retold throughout the years. As one of the Rockefellers, he was born into incredible wealth and privilege. But his real legacy lies in his untimely death in 1961, when he went missing while exploring tribal customs on an expedition to New Guinea. In the decades since then, it has become clear that he was killed and eaten by a tribe of cannibals.


8. The Cannibalistic Tribe Of Papua New Guinea

The Asmat people are an isolated community living on the south-western coast of western Papua New Guinea. Long ago, they earned a reputation as cannibals which kept outsiders away from their land. The story of Rufinus, a 20 year old Asmat, is told in this documentary. Before he marries, Rufinus must first embark on an important quest. He must hunt a cassowary, a solitary bird that resides within the depths of the jungle. This is no easy task; however, if successful, Rufinus will have proven himself worthy among his people and gained a true sense of belonging. With courage and determination.


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