The 7 Best William Shatner Documentaries

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

William Shatner has had a long and storied career in the entertainment industry – from his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, to appearing on the small screen in The Practice and Boston Legal, he is an icon. Beyond that though, he’s also appeared in some of the best documentaries about himself and his life. From heartfelt explorations of his personal and professional journeys, to humorous takes on his persona, the documentaries about William Shatner offer a unique insight into one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures. From biopics to retrospectives, here are some of the best documentaries about William Shatner that you won’t want to miss.


1. Ancient Unsolved Mysteries Of The World

Uncovering the Ancient Unsolved Mysteries of the World with William Shatner! We invite you to join us on a journey of exploration and discovery to uncover some of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Follow renowned actor William Shatner as he delves into the unknown, discovering strange and fascinating mysteries from civilizations across time. From tales of lost cities hidden in dense jungles, to strange tales of alien intervention and time-travelers – we promise you will be enthralled by the stories that unfold. Join us now as we explore the Weird or What? Documentary Central series starring William Shatner! Discover the secrets that lie hidden in ancient cultures, and uncover some of the most unexpected mysteries of our world today.


2. The Human Mind Is More Powerful Than We Ever Imagined

Discover the limits of human potential with This. This groundbreaking documentary directed by William Shatner features an exploration of the unknown and elements of the supernatural. In this captivating work, Shatner takes you on a journey probing beyond our normal boundaries, crossing into realms previously unimaginable to humanity. People have always been fascinated by what lies outside the realms of known science, and this investigation into the unknown is sure to fascinate. With stunning visuals and insightful commentary from William Shatner himself, It will make you question everything you know about the universe and what lies beyond.


3. Amazing Medical Mysteries Of The World

Meet William Shatner, renowned actor and explorer of the bizarre medical world. In this documentary from Documentary Central, he teams up with an international team of experts to solve some of the most perplexing medical mysteries ever encountered! From miraculous recoveries to unexplained healings, each episode is a riveting exploration into a range of extraordinary cases that have baffled doctors and researchers for years. Follow along as Shatner and his team dig deep into the medical archives to uncover the facts, search for potential solutions, and discover some of the world’s most extraordinary cases!


4. Paranormal Mysteries Around The World | Weird or What? | Ft. William Shatner

Welcome to Documentary Central, where we’ll explore the unexplained mysteries of our world with William Shatner. From Peru’s ancient Nazca lines to the Bermuda Triangle, join us as we investigate some of the most bizarre occurrences and stories of all time. Throughout his career, William Shatner has been fascinated by paranormal phenomena and unsolved mysteries. His expertise, knowledge and experience will guide us through our journey as we explore these unexplained wonders.


5. The Most Incredible Medical Mysteries | Ft. William Shatner

If you have ever wanted to know more about the most incredible medical mysteries and the world of weird and unusual, then Documentary Central has the answer. The starring actor and star William Shatner, is an exploration into the depths of medical mystery. The film delves deep into the unknown, uncovering stories that range from comical to downright unsettling. William Shatner himself narrates the film, bringing to life the stories of people who have experienced strange medical conditions and phenomena. From those who suffer from bizarre maladies that defy diagnosis to individuals with unique abilities, this documentary will leave you gobsmacked as it reveals mysterious ailments and oddities.


6. When Will The World End?Ft. William Shatner

The world ends on a whim, or will it? William Shatner is here to explore the inevitable fate of our planet. Join Documentary Central as we journey into the unknown, uncovering strange occurrences and uncovering stories that challenge what we know about our universe. From deep space anomalies to time travelling-mysteries, take a step back in time and unravel the secrets that lie within. Will we make it out alive? It’s time to find out. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for an incredible journey with William Shatner as he investigates The End of The World! Tune in now and discover what lies ahead!


7. Paranormal Mysteries With William Shatner

Discover the mysteries of a paranormal world with William Shatner. In this episode, we’ll explore some of the weird and wonderful stories that have been retold from around the world. From strange sightings to unexplained phenomena, join Shatner as he dives deep into these supernatural tales – all in search of the truth. His investigations will leave you questioning what is real and what is just a figment of our imagination. So, join the legendary William Shatner and immerse yourself in the stories that will give you chills! Rediscover these classic tales through his unique lens as he reveals what lies beyond what we can see. It’s sure to be an enlightening journey like no other.


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