The 7 Best MTV Documentaries

Jan 5, 2024 | Best Of, Music

MTV has long been a leader in music and culture, with its innovative content both entertaining and informing viewers. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the network has spawned some of the most iconic documentaries ever made. From films following up-and-coming artists to those exploring cultural issues, MTV has created an impressive slate of documentary films that have become essential viewing. So if you’re looking for the best documentaries MTV has to offer, we’ve put together a list of some of their must-watch titles.


1. How MTV Destroyed Their Network (They Gave Up On Music)

MTV’s shift from music to reality television was one of the most volatile debates of our time. For many, MTV had been a home for music videos and iconic shows like TRL that showcased the best in music and culture. However, over time, reality television quickly took over MTV’s airwaves as the network began to give up on its musical roots in favor of capital.


2. MTV Decade

MTV Decade is a documentary that looks back at the iconic music channel of the 80s and 90s. It showcases the stars, clips, and trends of the time while exploring how MTV influenced popular culture. The movie looks at how MTV shifted from an outlet for music videos to an outlet for television programming such as “The Real World” and “Road Rules,”


3. White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV

MTV’s latest documentary, White People, is an eye-opening exploration of race and identity in America. Through personal interviews and powerful footage, the film travels to diverse communities around the country from Hawaii to Portland, OR to uncover how white people experience their racial identity differently than others.


4. 2001 VH1 Documentary on 80s Pop u0026 Impact of MTV and Music Videos

The MTV revolution of the 1980s changed the way we view music and pop culture forever. From early experiments with videos, to the political statements that were made in them, to the influence they had on artists around the world – MTV’s impact was undeniable. The 2001 VH1 documentary “80s Pop u0026 Impact of MTV and Music Videos” takes.


5. Yo! MTV Raps Documentary

MTV has long been a source of entertainment for people across all walks of life. From music videos to reality TV—and even an “unplugged” acoustic series—the network has touched almost every genre and generation over the years. But one area in which MTV truly excelled was rap music.


6. Miley Cyrus: The Movement (FULL MTV Documentary)

MTV has always been at the forefront of culture, and Miley Cyrus: The Movement is a case in point. This documentary follows Miley’s career as she evolves from a child star to an iconic pop star. Through interviews, music videos, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, you’ll be taken on an intimate journey with the artist that will leave you with.\


7. The WILD Side of MTV In The 2000’s\

The MTV of the 2000s was a wilder, crazier place than ever before. The network’s lineup featured innovative reality shows like Punk’d and Jackass that pushed boundaries and explored new forms of entertainment. Movies like Napoleon Dynamite and Mean Girls defined an era, while artists like Eminem and Pink set a new standard for music videos. It was an exciting time to be.

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