The 7 Best Documentaries And Videos About Yogi Berra

Oct 17, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Sports

As a lover of sports, you surely would not want to miss out on learning about the life and legacy of Yogi Berra. Thanks to some amazing documentaries that have been created in his honor, such an opportunity is now available! Through these insightful films, viewers can explore the iconic baseball player’s personal and professional accomplishments as well as gain a better understanding of what he stood for. From his rise to fame in the 1940s and 1950s, to his later years as a coach and mentor, Yogi Berra’s life is an inspiration to many. Here are some of the best documentaries about Yogi Berra that you won’t want to miss!


1.  “It Ain’t Over”

Yogi Berra is a legendary baseball player who made a major impact on New York City’s sports history. His son and daughter, Larry and Lindsay Berra, have created the documentary “It Ain’t Over” to honor their grandfather’s legacy and remind people of his greatness. It features an exclusive interview with Jay Horwitz, where Yogi’s children discuss how he came to the Mets, his famous sayings and their reaction to not hearing his name mentioned when it should be. Through this film, viewers are able to gain insight into Yogi’s remarkable life and career.


2. Remembering Yogi Berra

Steve Adubato and Jacqui Tricarico, executive producer of the Remember Them documentary series, tell a powerful story about one of baseball’s greatest legends – Yogi Berra. This acclaimed documentary dives into the life and career of Yogi and follows his journey from humble beginnings to becoming an iconic figure on and off the field. The film documents how he overcame obstacles and achieved greatness, all while leaving an enduring legacy. From interviews with Yogi’s family members to rare archival footage, this documentary gives viewers a unique perspective on the man behind the myth. Viewers will be captivated by Yogi’s indomitable spirit and inspiring life story, as well as his timeless advice about success in life and baseball.


3. Yogi Berra Phil Ruzzuto and Whitey Ford interviewed by the late Tim Russert

It was 2002 when the world first heard about Yogi Berra, a legendary figure in baseball. The documentary “The Best of Yogi Berra” followed his life and career as he collected numerous accolades and awards throughout his lengthy years in the MLB. This powerful piece explored the man behind the icon with interviews from some of his closest associates, including journalist Tim Russert. The documentary was a reminder of the legacy Yogi left behind, and how he changed the course of baseball forever. It was a must-watch for any fan of the game. It’s no secret that Yogi Berra was an individual who made an immense impact on baseball, but his influence is felt far beyond the playing field.


4. Yogi Berra, Academy Class of 2005, Full Interview

The American Academy of Achievement has produced some of the greatest documentaries about legendary baseball player and philosopher Yogi Berra. Their films capture the insight, wit and wisdom of this remarkable individual. Through interviews with his family, teammates and friends, we get an intimate look at how he turned a difficult childhood into a storied career in one of America’s most beloved pastimes. We also get to learn about his deep commitment to giving back and his tireless efforts championing civil rights. His frankness, legendary one-liners and unique perspective on life were as funny as they were insightful. Through these documentaries, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the man behind the famous quips—an inspirational figure who left an indelible mark on American culture.


5. What’s My Line? – Yogi Berra; Martin Gabel

The life and legacy of Yogi Berra is explored in some of the most interesting documentaries ever made. From his childhood days in St. Louis to playing for the Yankees, he was an American icon whose love of the game became an integral part of popular culture. In Dorothy Kilgallen’s documentary, she captures humorous interviews with teammates and opponents that highlight his wit and wisdom. Martin Gabel’s portrait of Yogi captures the great man in a candid, spontaneous moment that reveals his passion for the game. Suzy Parker tells us all about the famous baseball catcher’s rise to fame from humble beginnings, which included two MVP awards and ten World Series championships.


6. History at Home: Yogi Berra: A Legend’s Lasting Values

Yogi Berra was an iconic figure of American culture, his influence extending far beyond the world of baseball. As the son of Italian immigrants, D-Day veteran and accidental philosopher who left us with such a wealth of quotable “Yogi-isms”, he lived a life full enough to fill up any Hall of Fame. Lasting memories of his impact can be seen in the presentation given by his granddaughter, Lindsay Berra, a long-time member of the Montclair History Center Board.



7. Baseball Essential Remembers Yogi Berra

From the diamond to his many philanthropic works, Yogi Berra was a force for good in the world. Gershon Rabinowitz and Brian Danuff pay homage to this legendary figure with their documentary ‘The Best Documentaries About Yogi Berra’. Here, they tell the incredible story of how he helped shape American baseball culture and became a beloved figure both on and off the field. Explore his years in Major League Baseball, his philanthropic works, and get an intimate look into the life of this living legend who inspired countless individuals and left a lasting legacy that will never be forgotten.


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