The 7 best documentaries about street artists and graffiti artists

Sep 7, 2023 | Art, Best Of

Graffiti and street art are dynamic forms of expression that can often capture the spirit of a culture, city, or even an entire generation. From the early days of graffiti on New York City subway cars to Banksy’s renowned murals around the world, these vibrant works have inspired people to take notice and join in the conversation. But how do you get up close and personal with these artists? Documentaries offer a unique opportunity to understand the motivations, creative process, and culture of street art and graffiti. In this article, we will explore some of the best documentaries about street art and graffiti that bring these incredible works of art to life. Read on for an immersive experience into the lives and work of some of today’s most talented street artists.



KARMA KHAZI: An anonymous street artist scours the city for inspiration in its most unexpected places.


2. The Deepest Depths of the Burrow – Street Art & Graffiti Documentary

From the grittiest of alleys to the most vibrant of streets, The Deepest Depths of the Burrow takes viewers on a journey through the world of street art and graffiti. This documentary showcases some of the best works from these talented artists and gives us an in-depth look at their creative process. From interviews with passionate creators to captivating aerial shots.


3. Vandals and Visionaries – Graffiti Documentary – BBC One 2017

Vandals and Visionaries: A Journey through the Art of Graffiti – BBC One 2017A documentary that dives into the unknown depths of street art and graffiti, uncovering stories from some of the world’s most creative individuals. This film takes you on a journey to explore an artistic movement that has been strongly influenced by music, politics, and even fashion.


4. THE MILLION DOLLAR VANDAL (2023) Part 1 -NYC Graffiti Documentary

In the world of street art, few have achieved the status of a millionaire. But when it comes to NY graffiti artists, one name stands out: The Million Dollar Vandal. Directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Chris Barron, this documentary takes viewers into the heart of New York City’s vibrant and ever-changing street art scene. Exploring both illegal.


5. Getting Up (Full Graffiti Documentary)

If you’re looking for the best documentaries about street and graffiti artists, then “Getting Up” is a must-see. This full feature-length film follows Trane, an up and coming artist looking to make it big with his extraordinary art. As he navigates the world of street art while facing resistance from authorities, it’s a thrilling journey that’s sure.


6. Piece By Piece : San Francisco Graffiti Documentary

Right in the heart of San Francisco, Piece By Piece is a documentary that takes you on an eye-opening journey through the world of street art and graffiti. Aspiring artists showcase their talents and stories as they paint murals throughout The City by the Bay, revealing why it means so much to them to create these works for a living. From candid interviews with local.


7. Color The Bay | A Bay Area Graffiti Documentary

If you’re looking for a unique and creative documentary about street art, Color The Bay is an absolute must-see. This eye-opening film takes us deep into the vibrant and ever-changing world of graffiti in one of the most iconic cities in the United States: San Francisco. The filmmakers provide an inside look at some of today’s most talented.


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