The 7 Best Documentaries About Selena Gomez

Oct 28, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

Welcome to a world of discovering the secrets behind Selena Gomez and her rise to fame. Through documentary films, we have an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces. From her childhood stardom to recent work as an actress and singer, Selena has had quite the journey – one that can be explored in great detail through the lens of documentary filmmaking. We’ve compiled a list of our top five picks for the best documentaries about Selena Gomez to keep you entertained and full of knowledge. Read on to find out what each film has to offer and which one is the clear winner!


1. Selena Gomez – Revival Documentary

Selena Gomez is an unrivalled star, one so unique that even her fans can hardly keep up with the changes. Her latest documentary Revival is a testament to this, showing not only her remarkable talent but also how multifaceted she really is. The film takes viewers through her emotional journey of re-emergence and shows us why she’s become such a beloved international icon. From her intimate moments with her family to the highs and lows of recording her album, Revival proves why Selena Gomez is an extraordinary artist who stands out from the rest. With never-before-seen insight into her personal life, fans will gain a whole new appreciation for what she’s achieved.


2. Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me — An Exclusive Conversation

Selena Gomez has opened up in an exclusive conversation about her life and career. This film, produced by Lighthouse Management + Media and Interscope Films, marks the continuation of their collaboration after the Emmy Award-nominated documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry”. It offers an intimate look at Selena’s experiences and how she’s overcome life obstacles. Through this personal journey, viewers get to see a side of Selena that is rarely seen in public. The documentary explores the singer-songwriter’s creative process, her struggles with mental health, and how she has used her platform to make an impact on young women around the world.


3. Selena Gomez Documentary: History Life & Career

Selena Gomez is an extraordinary artist, actress, producer and philanthropist who has achieved incredible success in her career. The trailblazer rose to fame as Alex Russo in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place and has since gone on to work on multiple projects from movies to executive producing various television shows.Gomez has also released a number of albums that have seen remarkable success, with Stars Dance and Rare both reaching the top spot on the US Billboard 200 chart. Her impressive list of accolades includes being named Woman of the Year by Billboard in 2017 and one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2020.


4.Selena Gomez: Living the Dream

Selena Gomez is one of the most inspiring success stories in show business. She rose to fame as a child star on the hit Disney show, ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’, and has since become an international superstar with her album, ‘Stars Dance’ which sold multi-platinum. This documentary showcases Selena’s incredible journey, from child phenomenon to international sensation. Experience her story through interviews with showbiz experts and Gomez herself as she reveals the secrets to her success.


5. SELENA GOMEZ: MY MIND AND ME documentary | Alek Keshishian

Experience the life, career and creativity of Selena Gomez in a truly unique way. Join us for an exclusive screening of Alek Keshishian’s documentary, ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’. Afterward, Alek will be taking part in an intimate conversation moderated by Jazz Tangcay (Artisans Editor, Variety), talking about his experience making the documentary and what it was like to work with Selena. It’s an unmissable opportunity for fans of the superstar and documentary lovers alike! Don’t delay, grab your tickets today for a truly unique insight into one of today’s biggest stars.


6. Selena Gomez: On Cloud 9

Selena Gomez is a true star – she has soared to dizzying heights since her first venture into the entertainment world back in 2002. Her big break came when Disney chose her to play the lead role in The Wizards of Waverly Place and since then, her life has been one long roller coaster, from multi-platinum albums to Hollywood films and relationships with some of the world’s biggest names. Selena Gomez is well and truly on cloud nine, living the life she always dreamed of – and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her story is one of talent, hard work, ambition…and a bit of luck too! Nothing can stop this rising star from adding more sparkle to her already impressive career.



Selena Gomez is an inspiring example of how to rise above the insecurity, pressure and gossip that comes with celebrity status and learning to truly love yourself. In documentaries about her life, we have the chance to gain insight into her inner world and gain a deeper understanding of what she’s gone through to get where she is today. She reveals her struggles with mental health issues and shares her life mission to spread awareness about the importance of mental health for all, especially those who don’t have access to the same resources. She tells us not only how she has dealt with pressure and gossip, but also how she has embraced change and been true to herself in order to be content, kind and full of love.

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