The 7 Best Documentaries About Science

Jan 11, 2024 | Best Of, Science

Are you looking for a way to learn more about science in an interesting and engaging format? Documentaries are an excellent way to do just that. From exploring the origins of our universe to discovering new life beneath the ocean, documentaries can provide viewers with unprecedented access to some of science’s most amazing discoveries. Here we will explore some of the best documentaries about science.


1. NOVA Science Documentary – Dawn of Humanity

NOVA Science Documentary’s Dawn of Humanity is an inspiring and captivating documentary which takes viewers on a journey through deep time, delving into the origins of human evolution and our species’ remarkable history. This stellar production follows scientists from around the world as they uncover startling new discoveries about early humans.


2. A Science Odyssey: Origins

From the beginning of time, human beings have been driven to explore and push the boundaries of knowledge. The “A Science Odyssey: Origins” documentary series takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the millennia-old history of science. From legendary scientists like Aristotle and Galileo to modern day innovators such as Hawking and Curie, this eye-opening exploration into humanity’s scientific achievements is sure to captivate and inspire viewers of all ages.


3. The Science of Thinking

All these questions and more can be answered through science documentaries. From exploration of outer space to the depths of our oceans, documentary filmmakers have found a way to capture the awe and wonder of scientific discoveries. These films transport viewers into the realm of discovery, allowing us to experience what scientists feel when they make groundbreaking findings.


4. The Science Behind the Miracle of Intelligent Life

In this documentary, Professor Al-Khalili takes us on a fascinating journey to the outer reaches of modern science. We follow him as he examines evidence for a range of scientific theories and discoveries about the universe. From his exploration of how chaos theory can explain why some planets are hospitable for life while others are uninhabitable.


5. The Dark side of Science

Documentaries can be a powerful and captivating way to learn about science, its history and implications. For example, there are some documentaries exploring the controversial subject of eugenics such as ‘The Eugenics Crusade’ by PBS or ‘Eugenic Nation’ by San Francisco Film Society.


6. The Science, His Brain, the Man

Einstein wasn’t the only scientist who has had an incredible impact on science and our world. Other great scientists have made groundbreaking discoveries that have changed our lives in countless ways. Documentary films are a wonderful way to explore these stories and the people behind them.

7. Defining science through history

The beauty of documentaries about science is that they bring the principles and concepts to life: from a look at how the brain works, to the implications of artificial intelligence on our lives. If you’re looking for an interesting and informative watch, there are plenty of documentary films out there exploring fascinating corners of science.

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