The 7 Best Documentaries About Joan Of Arc

Dec 12, 2023 | Best Of, History, People

As the patron saint of France, Joan of Arc is one of history’s most iconic figures. Her story has been shared through numerous books, films and television shows – but there’s nothing quite like exploring her journey in a documentary. These documentaries about Joan Of Arc are captivating tales that take you deep into the life and legacy of this remarkable woman. From her early beginnings to her martyrdom, these documentaries will fascinate and enlighten you about the amazing life of Joan Of Arc.


1. Joan of Arc – Maid of Orleans Documentary

DocuVibe presents: Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. This captivating documentary dives into the life and legacy of a French heroine who captured imaginations and hearts for centuries. The movie follows her rise from peasant girl to military leader, as she inspires those around her with her courage and determination. It captures her influence on the Hundred Years’ War.


2. THE LIFE OF JOAN OF ARC – BBC DOCUMENTARY – History Discovery Biography (full length documentary)

Discover the remarkable life of Joan of Arc, a powerful heroine in French history. In this BBC documentary, follow her journey as she goes from peasant girl to military leader and eventual martyr. Learn about her pivotal role in the Hundred Years’ War and how she led France’s army through a series of victories over English forces. Delve deep into stories about her miraculous visions.


3. Joan of Arc Brought to Life| Her Story & Face Revealed

DocuVibe: Bringing Joan of Arc Into Focused Focus Witness the power and strength of one the most iconic female figures in history, as seen through the lens of expertly crafted documentary filmmaking. This is your chance to witness each stage on Joan’s incredible journey from a young peasant girl to an international icon – including her famous trials and execution.


4. The Real Joan of Arc

DocuVibe – The Real Joan of ArcThis documentary brings to life the fascinating story of the legendary Joan of Arc. A young girl who, despite her young age, managed to turn the tide in a long war and help secure victory for the armies of France against their English oppressors. Through interviews with historians and archival footage, this film reveals an intriguing


5. The History Files – Joan of Arc – Soldier Saint – Full Documentary

Take a trip through history to discover the amazing story of Joan Of Arc. This full-length documentary dives into her life as a soldier and saint, exploring why she is such an iconic figure in French history. From her humble beginnings as a village girl to her rise as leader of the French army, this documentary follows Joan’s entire journey from inspiration to legend. See how she.


6. Siege of Orleans 1429 – Joan of Arc Saves France DOCUMENTARY

Siege of Orleans 1429 – Joan of Arc Saves France Documentary: A Look Into a Historic Moment The Siege of Orleans in 1429 was a major turning point in the Hundred Years’ War. It marked the beginning of an unlikely victory for France under the leadership of seventeen-year-old Joan Of Arc. The documentary takes us back.


7. Who was Joan of Arc? | Complete biography documentary film by Faisal Warraich

When it comes to exemplary role models throughout history, few can compare to the powerful presence of Joan of Arc. Born in 1412 France, this brave woman fought alongside her countrymen and led them into battle against the English occupation. This documentary film by Faisal Warraich explores her life story from humble beginnings as a peasant girl to becoming a herald for France.

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