The 7 Best Documentaries About James Monroe

Dec 9, 2023 | Best Of, History, Political

Are you looking for an intriguing exploration into the life of James Monroe? Look no further than the amazing documentaries about him! These captivating productions bring to light the fascinating story of his presidency and his impact on US history. From documentary series that chronicle the events of his life to feature-length films that go deeper into his motivations, these documentaries offer a unique glimpse into the life of the fifth president of the United States. Whether you’re an avid history buff or just curious about this iconic politician, these documentaries are sure to provide a captivating and enlightening look at his legacy.


1. Life Portrait James Monroe

DocuVibe – A Creative Look at the Life of James MonroeFrom his birth in Westmoreland County, Virginia to his presidency that shaped America’s history forever, DocuVibe gives you an inside look into the life of James Monroe. We’ll take a journey through his many accomplishments: from serving as a soldier in the American Revolution to being one.


2. James Monroe Documentary

James Monroe is one of our nation’s most iconic founding fathers. His life and legacy have been chronicled in a number of feature length documentaries, many of which are available for viewing online. If you’re looking for an inspiring and informative look at the fifth President of the United States, then check out some of these great James Monroe documentaries that we highly recommend.


3. James Monroe – The Last Founding Father – U.S President’s Series – 5th

DocuVibe presents the Last Founding Father – a documentary series dedicated to exploring the legacy of James Monroe, fifth president of the United States. Through rare archival footage and interviews with key figures in his life, this captivating program will dive into how Monroe’s vision continues to shape American politics today. Learn about his military service during the Revolutionary War, his diplomatic efforts as.


4. James Monroe 5th President of the United States – ETYNTK

James Monroe is one of the most influential presidents in U.S. history, and his legacy is still celebrated to this day. From foreign policy initiatives to economic shifts, James Monroe helped shape a new kind of America that would set the stage for generations to come. To learn more about the life and accomplishments of our fifth president, DocuVibe has created some amazing documentaries.


5. Episode 5 – James Monroe | PRESIDENTIAL podcast

Episode 5 of the PRESIDENTIAL podcast dives deep into the life and times of James Monroe, one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers. From his early days in Virginia to becoming the fifth President of the United States, we explore how Monroe helped shaped early American history, both at home and abroad. We discuss his advocacy for civil rights and treaties with foreign powers such as Britain.


6. Monroe Hill | James Monroe by Montes-Bradley

James Monroe is a renowned figure in American history. His legacy stretches from the Revolutionary War to his time as President of the United States. To gain a better understanding of this remarkable man, we recommend two documentaries that are sure to illuminate his life and accomplishments: The first documentary, ‘Monroe Hill,’ takes viewers through James Monroe’s life from childhood to adulthood.

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