The 7 Best Documentaries About Hershey

Jan 21, 2024 | Best Of, Business

As one of the most iconic names in candy, Hershey has been a part of America for well over a century. This amazing company has touched many lives and shaped our culture with its delicious treats. But there’s more to the story than just chocolate bars – now you can explore it through some of the best documentaries about Hershey that have come out in recent years. From heartfelt stories of the company’s founders and employees, to fascinating explorations of Hershey’s impact on the world, these seven documentaries will give you a new perspective on this beloved confectionary giant. Put your feet up and get ready for a sweet ride through history with these seven must-see documentaries about Hershey. Let’s take a look at them!


1. The Farmer Boy Who Invented Hershey’s

Today, Hershey’s continues to be the number one chocolate provider in North America and is a household name in many homes. To celebrate Milton’s legacy and the rise of the Hershey empire, we bring you a list of some of the best documentaries about Hershey: “The Chocolate Revolution” – This documentary takes us on a journey through the history of Hershey starting from Milton’s early life to his first chocolate venture. It explores how Hershey changed the traditional chocolate industry, and gives us a glimpse into the company’s current operations and challenges.


2. Hershey – The Real Life Willy Wonka

The iconic Hershey brand is as well-known for its chocolates as it is for its beloved commercials and movies. But what about the real life story behind this American success? The answer can be found in a series of award-winning documentaries that explore the history of the Hershey company, from its humble beginnings to its current status as an international leader in the confectionery industry. Through interviews with Hershey executives, employees, and historians, these films uncover the unique stories that have made Hershey’s products so beloved by generations of consumers. Whether you are a lover of chocolate or just curious to learn more about this American success story, check out these must-see documentaries dedicated to the history of Hershey!


3. HOW IT’S MADE – Old Hershey’s Chocolate

The Hershey Story, a documentary released in 2017 by the Hershey’s Company, is one of the best documentaries that talks about the history and lasting legacy of Hershey’s chocolate. It follows five generations of family members as they discuss their struggles and successes in running the iconic company. The documentary features interviews from current and past employees, detailing how sweet treats have been created for over a century. The documentary, Inside the Hershey Chocolate Factory is another great film about the chocolate giant. This documentary takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the Hershey’s production line as it unveils how each candy bar is made and packaged. It also dives into different flavors, ingredients, and shapes of the popular products that have made Hershey’s famous. For those looking to learn even more about the chocolate giant, there are two other documentaries worth exploring.


4. History of Hershey’s Chocolate – The Great American Chocolate Factory

It provides a great behind the scenes look at Hershey chocolate, from the harvesting of cocoa beans to the packaging process. The film celebrates not only the products that come out of Hershey but also the people who make it possible. We get to meet some of them and see how their hard work creates a delicious treat for everyone to enjoy. It’s impossible not to walk away from this documentary without a deep appreciation of the Hershey company and all that it does. Through captivating visuals, we witness how each part of the process comes together in harmony to create something truly special. It’s an inspiring look into how one small town can make something so delicious and beloved by so many people around the world.


5 HERSHEYPARK Sweet Memories – History of Hershey Park

The history of Hershey Park is as sweet as the iconic chocolate bar it’s named after. The park was founded in 1906 by Milton S. Hershey, who wanted to bring joy and happiness to families in his hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Since then, the park has grown into a destination for family fun and entertainment. Guests can explore the rich history of Hershey Park through a variety of documentaries, including the Emmy Award-winning “Hershey Park Sweet Memories.” This documentary takes viewers on a journey through the park’s history, from its beginnings as an agricultural show ground to its evolution into an amusement park. Along the way, viewers will learn about Milton S. Hershey and his beloved chocolate business, discover the stories of past and present Hershey Park attractions, and gain insight into the many changes that have transformed the park over the years. From soaring roller coasters to sweetly scented carousels, Hershey Park Sweet Memories captures all the charm and excitement that makes it a beloved American icon.


6. Hershey’s – Bigger Than You Know

Chocolate and candy have become synonymous with Hershey’s, a brand that has been around since 1894. Over the years, Hershey’s has cultivated strong ties to its local community as well as built up a global presence. But what lies beneath this iconic brand? Bigger Than You Know: Uncovering the Story Behind an Iconic Brand is a documentary series that takes a deep dive into the history of Hershey’s. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the world, viewers will gain insight into how Hershey’s has become one of the most beloved companies around.


7. Hershey’s Dystopian Chocolate Ride

When it comes to iconic chocolate brands, Hershey is one of the best-known and most beloved. But what do we really know about this company? Through the power of documentary filmmaking, more people are now getting an inside look at what makes Hershey’s so special. Here are five of the top documentaries about Hershey that are sure to give you an in-depth look at this iconic company and its products.  Hershey’s Chocolate: The Story of Chocolate Making This documentary details the history of Hershey’s chocolate making from its early beginnings to today. It takes viewers inside the factory and through the processes that go into producing their signature chocolates, including cocoa bean sourcing and the careful steps taken to produce quality products. Along the way, viewers will learn about the company’s history, its branding strategies, and its commitment to sustainability.

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