The 7 Best Documentaries And Videos About George Strait

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This is a look at the life and music of one of country music’s most beloved stars, George Strait. His career spans over four decades and has included some of the greatest hits in the genre. Through this documentary, you will learn how he rose to fame, what challenges he faced along the way, and why his songs are still as popular today as they were the day they debuted. Get ready to hear some of Strait’s timeless classics and discover why he is one of the most iconic figures in country music. Join us as we dive deep into the stories and songs that have shaped George Strait’s incredible career. This will show you what makes him so special and beloved in the hearts of his fans.


1. George Strait – The Cowboy Rides Away

The documentary about George Strait’s life and music offers viewers a unique glimpse into the man behind the country icon. Through interviews with family, friends, and associates, as well as archival footage of performances and candid moments captured through his career, we get to know the legendary singer from his childhood in rural Texas all the way through his rise to superstardom. We understand the influence his family had on his upbringing, and how George’s undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter allowed him to become one of the most beloved country artists of all time. The documentary also explores George’s later exploration into musical genres beyond country such as blues and classic rock.


2. TNN New Country – George Strait: Something Special

Experience the magic of George Strait: Something Special. This documentary gives you an unprecedented look into the life and work of American country music icon, George Strait. From his humble beginnings growing up in Texas to his rise as one of America’s premier country music singers and songwriters, this film follows him as he traverses the world singing hits like “Amarillo by Morning” and “The Chair.”


3. George Strait – 60 Number Ones Live in 60 Minutes

Take a journey through the life and times of one of America’s greatest country music legends, George Strait. This documentary gives you a glimpse into the man behind the music with interviews from friends, family members and fellow musicians. You’ll explore his humble beginnings as a young musician in Texas, learning about the struggles and successes that shaped his career.


4. 45 Minutes With George Strait – Strait To Vegas Dec 2016

For music fans around the world, seeing and hearing iconic country music star George Strait perform live is an unforgettable experience. But for those lucky enough to get a closer look at his legendary show on December 10th, 2016 in Las Vegas, it was a truly special one. In 45 Minutes With George Strait – Straight to Vegas, viewers will be given an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peak into what it takes to make a Strait concert so unforgettable.


5. George Strait Biography

This is an inspiring documentary about the legendary country music artist, George Strait. Take a deep dive into the life of this iconic singer and songwriter as he shares personal stories that will captivate you from start to finish. Explore how Strait’s Texas roots have shaped his sound and career while also learning more about his rise to stardom. See how he has continued to sustain his success over several decades by continuing to innovate and create music that resonates with both fans and critics. Then, follow Strait’s journey through various ups and downs as he remains committed to staying true to himself. Finally, join in the celebration of a man who has written some of the most iconic country songs ever performed.


6. George Strait | Career Highlights

The late, great country music icon George Strait had an exemplary career that spanned over five decades in the industry. His soulful voice and catchy lyrics captivated audiences around the world, and it is a tribute to his legacy.The documentary takes viewers on a journey through Strait’s life and career, highlighting the important milestones. From his humble beginnings in Texas to the release of over 60 albums and 30 number one singles, it showcases Strait’s success throughout his decades-spanning career. In addition, the documentary takes a closer look at his personal life, including his relationship with wife Norma and their two sons.


7. [King of Country] George Strait Lifestyle

The legendary Grammy-winning country music star, George Strait, has been entertaining audiences for over four decades. Renowned for his down to earth demeanor and knack for creating hits that are both modern and honest to their roots, he is undoubtedly one of the most successful artists in the genre.


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