The 7 Best Documentaries About Blake Shelton

Feb 9, 2024 | Best Of, Music

As an artist, Blake Shelton has captivated audiences with his authentic country-rock sound. His unique style and versatility as an entertainer have made him one of the most successful musicians in the world today. Now, you can learn more about the man behind the music with these must-see documentaries that tell the story of Blake Shelton’s life and career. From his humble beginnings in Oklahoma to his rise to fame, each of these films gives an intimate look at the person behind the music and reveals what makes him one of the most beloved stars in country music. Tune in for an inspirational tale of success, resilience, and creativity that is sure to inspire you beyond measure.


1. Blake & Gwen: Now & Then | Documentary

Documentary ‘Blake & Gwen: Now & Then’ is the perfect pick for fans of singer-songwriter Blake Shelton and his wife, Grammy award-winning singer Gwen Stefani. This documentary gives viewers a unique look into the lives of one of music’s greatest power couples! Get an intimate glimpse into how their relationship has evolved over the years, from.


2. BLAKE SHELTON – WikiVidi Documentary

Documentary D is a must-see for fans of country music legend, Blake Shelton. This in-depth exploration examines the life and career of this talented artist from his rise to stardom to his philanthropic efforts. Viewers will get an inside look at Blake’s personal struggles and successes as they journey through intimate interviews, live performances, and never.


3. Blake Shelton Walk of fame with Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine

Documentary D tells the story of the Blake Shelton Walk of Fame – a remarkable journey fueled by passion, love and friendship. With his signature country roots and charming personality, Shelton has been entertaining fans worldwide for more than 20 years. Follow him as he celebrates with Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine on the path to stardom experience his rise to fame in.


4. The Best of Blake Shelton on The Tonight Show

If you’re a fan of Blake Shelton, then you won’t want to miss Documentary D. This captivating documentary follows the legendary country singer as he performs on The Tonight Show and talks about his rise to fame and success. Through interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, fans will get an inside look at Blake’s life, music, and career.


5. Blake Shelton Live Walk of Fame Ceremony

It was an unforgettable event that marked the beginning of a new chapter in Blake Shelton’s career – his induction into the legendary Walk Of Fame. As die-hard fans recall, it was an emotional evening for everyone involved. The country music superstar graciously accepted his star, and many of his peers were present to show their respect and admiration in this special moment.


6. Blake Shelton on The Ellen Generes Show, December 2021

It’s December 2021 and Country Music Star Blake Shelton is appearing on The Ellen Generes Show. Fans couldn’t be more excited to see him perform his chart topping singles and talk about the release of his new album Human. Blake always brings a contagious energy to every performance, so it stands to reason that this one would be no different!

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7. Blake Shelton – We’re Painting The Town Of Tishomingo 09.30.2017

Blake Shelton is a country music superstar, and his hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, is close to his heart. In the documentary “We’re Painting the Town of Tishomingo,” he takes fans on an exclusive journey to the town and shows viewers what life is like there. The documentary follows Blake as he meets with local business owners.

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