The 6 Best Documentaries About The Undertaker

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Sports

Welcome to the world of documentaries about The Undertaker. Get ready to explore an intriguing journey into the captivating life and times of one of the most respected and legendary professional wrestlers of all time. With This as our guide, we will unravel the mysteries behind his celebrated career, delve into his personal life, and uncover stories that have never before been revealed. From action-packed matches to his personal struggles, get an inside look at everything The Undertaker has accomplished in and out of the ring. People often refer to him as a “Deadman” but there is much more to this living legend than meets the eye.


1. PHENOM | The Undertaker Story

This is a must-watch documentary about one of the most celebrated professional wrestlers of all time: The Undertaker. Follow his journey from humble beginnings to becoming “The Phenom” – the legend that has been entertaining audiences for over three decades. This full career documentary gives you an exclusive insider look at his life, both in and out of the ring. You’ll gain a deep understanding of The Undertaker’s impact on professional wrestling, the culture surrounding it, and the legacy he is leaving behind. From his spectacular entrance rituals to his memorable feud with Kane, you’ll get an intimate look at the man behind one of wrestling’s greatest characters.


2. The Rise Of Undertaker

Witness a journey like none you’ve seen before! Step inside an awe-inspiring documentary that highlights the rise of one of the world’s most renowned undertakers. From humble beginnings to a global success story, explore all facets of this remarkable individual’s life — from their upbringing in rural India to becoming a household name.This captivating film takes an intimate look at the beliefs and practices that made Undertaker such a successful entrepreneur. Uncover the secrets to their success as you discover how they overcame personal struggles to reach the top. From childhood dreams of grandeur.


3. The Undertaker: The Complete 90s Collection

Since the 90s, no other wrestler has come close to creating such an impressive legacy as The Undertaker. Now you can relive all of his best moments and matches with this incredible documentary collection! Spanning from his debut in 1990 to his retirement in 2020, it’s a must-have for any die-hard fan. Follow The Undertaker’s career as it evolves over the years, and watch some of his most iconic matches with special commentary from close friends and wrestling legends. Plus, get an inside look at all the drama both in and out of the ring. It’ll make you feel like you’re a part of history!


4. Undertaker: The Legacy Of The Streak

The Undertaker’s legendary streak will never be forgotten. It was a feat that has gone unmatched, and is the longest winning streak in professional wrestling history. For decades, fans of the squared circle watched as the Undertaker marched through all-comers with an unyielding determination. It was more than just a professional achievement, it has become an indelible part of wrestling lore.


5. The Undertaker, WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler

From his iconic entrance to his unforgettable matches, The Undertaker has been a legendary wrestler for generations. But what inspired him? How did he become one of the greatest WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers? It gives viewers an inside look at the life and times of The Undertaker. Follow him on his incredible journey as he talks with Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson about his history in the business, his career highlights, and what inspired him to become one of the greatest wrestlers we know today. It’s a must-watch documentary for any fan of WWE or professional wrestling. Not only will you learn more about The Undertaker.


6. Undertaker The Last Ride Documentary

The Last Ride documentary shines a light on one of wrestling’s greatest, and most enigmatic figures – The Undertaker. The iconic character has been around for almost three decades, inspiring legions of fans with his signature entrance walk, moves in the ring, and captivating presence. But who is Mark Calaway, the man behind The Undertaker?


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