The 6 Best Documentaries About The Kinks

Jan 19, 2024 | Best Of, Music

The Kinks are one of the most influential bands of all time, and their influence can still be felt in many genres today. From punk to alternative rock, their music has inspired generations of musicians. But what about the stories behind the band? If you want to learn more about them, then you should check out these documentaries that provide an insightful look into The Kinks’ history, music, and legacy. Read on to find the best ones about The Kinks. Dive deep into their story and explore what made them so unique and groundbreaking in the music industry!


1. The Kinks – My Generation

Take a look back at the history-making British pop band, The Kinks. This documentary series takes an extensive look into their rise to fame and the impact they have had on music today. See interviews from original members, along with special performances and rare footage of this legendary group. Get inside the minds of the members and learn what it takes for a group of young, determined musicians to make it in the music industry. Experience all of The Kinks’ greatest hits like never before! With exclusive interviews and performances, this documentary series will make you feel like you are part of the band. Discover what made The Kinks so special and memorable — their music, their


2. The Kinks, Documental (Sub. ESPAÑOL).

The Kinks have been an integral part of the music industry for more than five decades, and their influence is still felt today. With a musical style that was often considered ahead of its time, The Kinks pushed boundaries and pioneered innovative sounds that continue to inspire musicians across genres. Though they may not be as famous as some other bands from the same era, this documentary is a reminder of the importance and impact that The Kinks had on the music world. Featuring interviews with Mick, Ray, Dave Davies and other members of the band, as well as archival footage and rare photos, this documentary shows how the band evolved over time while still remaining true to their own sound.


3. The Kinks – My Generation – BBC2 1996

This classic BBC2 docu-series tells the fascinating story of British rock band, The Kinks. From their beginnings as a pub rock band in London’s Muswell Hill to international fame as pioneers of what’s now known as Brit Pop, this series celebrates the incredible career and legacy of Ray Davies and his brothers Dave and Mick. Featuring exclusive interviews with key figures in the story and archival footage, The Kinks – My Generation shows us why the band is still held in such high regard today. A must watch for fans of rock music and British culture alike!


4. Echoes of a World: The Making of “The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society”

I was first exposed to The Kinks with their iconic album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One. It’s still a personal favourite of mine and I can only dream that one day it would be brought to life in a documentary about its creation. Although it may never happen, “The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society” is still an incredible album. It’s fascinating to think that at the time of its release, almost no one outside of avid fans had much appreciation for it. Judging from the chart placements and sales numbers, there were very few people who truly enjoyed it.


5. MY GENERATION 2: THE KINKS 1995 mini doc

Do not miss out on the full experience – hum or sing along to “Waterloo Sunset” during this remarkable documentary! This 1995 mini-documentary is a great opportunity for you to observe The Kinks in all their glory. 5 minutes of audio has been removed at around the mark, however, all you need to do is imagine or hum the song during this time for the full effect! This mini-doc will leave you feeling more involved and enlightened about The Kinks. Get ready for an entertaining and informative exploration of their work – a must-watch for any fan of music!


6. The Kinks – Wegbereiter des Rock Doku ARTE

The Kinks have been a major influence in the world of rock music, paving the way for many bands to come. Their songs brought about a new sound that mixed punk and hard rock with catchy beats. Songs like “You Really Got Me” still remain timeless classics today. From their early days as an English pub band to becoming one of the most influential British musical acts, the documentary “The Kinks – Wegbereiter des Rock” on ARTE documents their incredible story for all to see. The documentary combines interviews with band members, archival footage and rare recordings to provide an in-depth look at the musical career of The Kinks and how they revolutionised rock music.

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