The 6 Best Documentaries And Videos About Rose Styron

Sep 28, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities

.From her incredible legacy come eight of the best documentaries and videos ever made about Rose Styron. These gripping films will take you through her life and struggles, allowing you to experience the power of her story first hand. They provide a unique window into Styron’s life and demonstrate how she used her voice to effect change.


1. Rose Styron – Selected Letters of William Styron

Famed author William Styron’s life and legacy are commemorated in this captivating documentary. Rose Styron: Selected Letters of William Styron captures the essence of his writings, exploring his thoughts, experiences, and relationships through the personal correspondence he shared with his beloved wife Rose. With beautiful visuals and engaging narration, viewers will be immersed in an intimate portrait of one American.


2. Extended interview: Author Rose Styron on her early literary life and more

Author Rose Styron is a renowned literary figure and her works have been celebrated around the world. In this extended interview, she talks about her early life as an aspiring writer, how her work has evolved over the years, and what inspires her to continue writing today.Growing up in a small town in North Carolina, Styron was an avid reader from a young.


3. Frank McCourt & Rose Styron in Conversation

Frank McCourt and Rose Styron come together in this illuminating conversation about life, literature, and purpose. From the perspective of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and an award-winning poet, the two discuss key topics ranging from self-expression to the power of storytelling. With their individual experiences as well as past collaborations between them, they offer fresh insight into the craft of writing.


4. Do Lectures 2014 – Rose Styron – The Beauty of Wisdom

Rose Styron is a woman of incredible wisdom and beauty. Her story has been told many times, but never as beautifully as in Do Lectures 2014: Rose Styron – The Beauty of Wisdom. This documentary follows the journey of her life from when she was a young girl growing up during WW2 to today, where she continues to be an inspiration to many.



Oblong Online is proud to present the groundbreaking documentary on the life of Rose Styron – Beyond This Harbor: Adventurous Tales of the Heart. The 8-part series explores Rose’s incredible journey, from her humble beginnings in rural Maine to her world-shattering success as a celebrated writer and poet. Featuring exclusive interviews with family members, friends, and colleagues.


6. Episode 14: Carlos Fonseca and Rose Styron

When it comes to exploring the life of Rose Styron, Episode 14: Carlos Fonseca and Rose Styron is a must-see. This documentary examines the incredible impact that Rose’s husband and longtime companion, Carlos, had on her life. Viewers are taken back in time as we hear stories from both sides of their relationship – from the start.

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