The 6 Best Documentaries About One Direction

Feb 13, 2024 | Best Of, Music

Welcome to the world of documentaries! For all One Direction fans out there, this is your chance to explore the lives and talents of the five members who make up this popular band. With numerous awards under their belt, One Direction has become a global phenomenon in the music industry. From making an impact on pop culture to inspiring millions around the world, we take you on a journey to discover the various documentaries that feature this remarkable group. From behind-the-scenes footage to their incredible live performances, these must-watch documentaries offer an in-depth look into the lives of One Direction members and tell engrossing stories about their rise to fame.


1. One Direction: The Inside Story

Experience the ‘Inside Story’ of One Direction in this riveting full-length film. Follow the rise and fall of one of music’s biggest sensations, from their humble beginnings on The X Factor to their meteoric rise to superstardom. Watch interviews with all five members as they reflect on their incredible success and the difficulties that eventually led to their split. Go behind the scenes and witness the heartfelt moments that made them a global phenomenon.


2. One Direction: Going Our Own Way | Full Documentary

Forget the world you know and enter a universe of unlimited possibilities; one Direction: Going Our Own Way. This documentary follows the journey of One Direction as they take off on their own paths, united by a common passion for music and an unyielding bond with each other.Experience every moment of this inspiring story, from the creation of their first album to the ultimate success they achieved after their separation. Follow each of their unique journeys and dreams as they discover themselves and make their own mark on the world.


3. One Direction – This Is Us Extras

The ultimate documentary series exploring the life of One Direction! From their humble beginnings of being put together as a group by Simon Cowell in 2010 on the British X-Factor stage to becoming one of the most successful boy bands in history, this series captures every step along their incredible journey.


4. The Rise Of One Direction | Amplified

The six year journey for One Direction has seen a meteoric rise to fame, with millions around the world singing their songs and screaming their name. From humble beginnings in season seven of ‘The X Factor’, the boys seemed destined for greatness. Little did we know that, just a few short years later, they would become the world’s biggest boy band.


5. Crazy About One Direction

The Boys of One Direction have taken the world by storm with their music, style and on-stage antics. Now it’s time to go deeper into the story behind these five British lads! This is a documentary that explores the amazing journey from obscurity to international superstardom of this extraordinary band.


6. one direction’s entire career

This is the definitive documentary about the sensational British-Irish boyband, One Direction. This high-energy and captivating production follows the group’s rise to fame from their early days on The X Factor through their debut album Up All Night to their meteoric success around the world.Each band member shares stories of how they first met and what it was like to go from being complete unknowns to internationally acclaimed superstars. It chronicles their phenomenal journey, taking viewers behind-the-scenes and into the inner workings of one of the biggest musical phenomena of recent times.


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