The 6 Best Documentaries About Lethwei

Jul 22, 2023 | Best Of, Sports

For those who seek a truly intense and unique experience in the world of martial arts, Lethwei is an absolute must. Also known as Burmese bare-knuckle boxing, this Myanmar national full-contact fighting sport and martial art is referred to as “the art of nine limbs” due to its allowance for any part of the body being used in its arsenal. What sets it apart from other combat sports on the planet is that headbutts are not only allowed but considered legal here.

In fact, Lethwei goes back centuries ago when it was used as a fighting system during wars and has since become one of the most brutal striking styles around today. Let’s explore further by taking a look at some top documentaries about this amazing martial art!


1. The King Of Lethwei (Dave Leduc Documentary)

Are you ready for a unique experience? Dave Leduc is the king of Lethwei, a Burmese Bareknuckle Boxing discipline. He’s the first Canadian to win a prison fight in Thailand and also holds the prestigious Golden Belt title. Get to know more about this amazing fighter through this documentary! Follow his story as he rises from being an ordinary Canadian man into one of Myanmar’s most celebrated national celebrities.


2. Forgotten Fighters from Myanmar Country

This documentary is the perfect way to get acquainted with this Burmese Bareknuckle boxing world. Hosted by Mr. Win, the owner of “Thut Ti Lethwei Gym” in Yangoon, we will follow a fighter’s journey as he prepares for a chance at becoming Myanmar national champion. We’ll also be treated to interviews with professional fighters and foreigners learning Burmese boxing. Come witness an authentic glimpse into Myanmar’s unique culture and traditions – watch Forgotten Fighters today!


3. Pound for Pound the best Fighter in the World : King of Lethwei

Witness the most intense and brutal combat sport in the world: Lethwei. A Burmese bare-knuckle boxing style that uses stand-up striking, clinching techniques, fists, elbows, knees and feet – including headbutts! This is “The Art of 9 Limbs” where fighters fight with only tape and gauze on their hands and no other protective gear. Follow a fighter as they battle for a chance to be crowned King of Lethwei – pound for pound the best fighter in the world!


4. Lethwei is the most dangerous martial art : Myanmar vs Japan First contact

In this documentary, you’ll experience an incredible journey between two of the most dangerous martial arts: Lethwei and Japan. Follow our brave heroes as they embark on a mission to bridge the gap between these two cultures, facing their biggest fears in order to come out on top! Witness first-hand how Myanmar and Japan battle it out in this extreme contact sport – with no holds barred! See what happens when these warriors push themselves beyond their limits. Discover why Lethwei is considered the most dangerous martial art and learn how each nation’s fighting style differs from one another. Get ready for a thrilling adventure that will leave you breathless!


5. Project Nyo : LETHWEI Lessons

This documentary follows my journey over the past year and two months as I begin learning the basics of Lethwei and eventually put everything to the test in my first match. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we challenge ourselves! And after all this training, it feels great to come out victorious in my first fight. Project Nyo is an inspiring story about pushing yourself beyond your limits and proving that anything is possible if you stay focused on your dreams. Tune in now for a look at one man’s journey towards self-discovery through martial arts!


6. Lethwei World Champion Dave Leduc Full Career Interview

Dave Leduc is the reigning Open-weight Lethwei World Champion and he has a story to tell. From his early life, getting a US Baseball scholarship, dealing with violent situations while managing a nightclub in Thailand, transitioning into Lethwei and offers to fight MMA in major companies – Dave has experienced it all! In this video we interview him as he discusses his fascinating journey from Thai fights to becoming the World Champion of one of the most brutal sports. He also shares details about why he now lives in Dubai & Cyprus, his marriage to a celebrity wife and family plans for the future. Plus training techniques and tips that you can use! Don’t miss out on hearing Dave’s incredible story!




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