The 6 Best Documentaries About Helen Keller

Dec 4, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, History

For anyone interested in learning more about the life of Helen Keller, there are a few documentaries that stand out amongst the rest. These captivating documentaries capture every aspect of her inspiring life, from her struggles to become educated and navigate the world around her despite physical disabilities to her courageous activism during times of adversity. From interviews with family members and friends to archival footage—these documentaries explore Helen Keller’s remarkable journey and legacy, offering captivating insight into her life.


1. Biography – Helen Keller – narrated by Mike Wallace

This captivating documentary follows the life of Helen Keller, an American author and political activist who was both deaf and blind. Narrated by Mike Wallace, this film takes a deep dive into the inspiring story of Helen’s incredible accomplishments in spite of her disability. From her childhood struggles with learning to read and write, to her international travels and work advocating for women’s rights, education.

2. Was Helen Keller A Fraud?

The story of Helen Keller is one that has captivated audiences for decades. Born in Alabama, USA, she became deaf and blind at the age of 19 months due to a fever. Despite her struggles, she would go on to become a celebrated author, activist, and advocate for those with disabilities.

3. Deliverance: The story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan (1919)

This documentary tells the remarkable story of Helen Keller and her relationship with Anne Sullivan. It provides a captivating look into their inspiring journey, covering everything from their initial meeting to the amazing successes they achieved together. The documentary follows Helen’s development as she learned how to communicate despite being both deaf and blind, detailing how Anne.

4. Helen Keller in Her Story

Helen Keller’s Story Captivated the World The life of Helen Keller is an iconic one, her story inspiring many generations. Her story was so remarkable that it has been captured on film several times, creating some truly captivating documentaries. From a biography made shortly after her death, to modern docu-dramas focused on individual moments in her life, there.

5. The Story of My Life by Helen KELLER | Biography & Autobiography | Full AudioBook

The life of Helen KELLER is a story that captivates many. From the early age of 19 months, she was left deaf and blind after an illness. Even with her limitations, she pushed through adversity to become one of the world’s most influential activists for people with disabilities. Now, you can experience her journey through “The Story of.

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