The 6 Best Documentaries About Gene Simmons

Nov 10, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Whether you’re a fan of rock music or just interested in the 1980s culture, one of the most fascinating documentaries to watch is about Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. From his outrageous publicity stunts and wild antics on stage, to his tumultuous relationships both within and outside the band – Simmons has always been an interesting figure. His story makes for compelling viewing that will leave viewers with an unforgettable experience. The documentaries about Simmons provide an intimate look into the life of a larger-than-life celebrity. Whether you watch them for entertainment or in pursuit of knowledge, these documentaries will leave you with plenty to think about.


1. The 70 Year Old Demon Documentary: KISS’ Gene Simmons | US Version

Have you ever wondered how the Demon from KISS became such a household name? How did Gene Simmons come to be one of the most iconic faces of rock music? The 70 Year Old Demon documentary is here to answer these questions and more. Featuring exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage, and rare clips of Simmons’ career spanning over 50 years.


2. Gene Simmons | A History

Gene Simmons has long been an icon of rock, roll and fame. His signature tongue-wagging is instantly recognizable to the world over. But what events shaped Gene’s life? What trials and tribulations did he face on his way to becoming one of the most successful musicians in history? Documentary D takes an inside look at every part of Gene Simmons’ amazing career.


3. Gene Simmons | Club Random with Bill Maher

Gene Simmons | The Random Club and Bill Maher have collaborated on an amazing documentary. This film takes a deep look at the life and times of one of the world’s most famous personalities. Audiences will get unprecedented access into the inner workings of Gene’s lifestyle, career, and relationships as he talks candidly about his journey to success. Viewers will.



Gene Simmons, the iconic rocker and frontman of Kiss, takes viewers inside his world with this fascinating documentary series. In Part 1 of Family Jewels Season 1, Simmons offers an unforgettable look at his personal life while balancing the demands of being a successful business mogul. Watch as he makes decisions that will shape both his professional and personal future – all while attempting to maintain harmony.


5. Human Monsters – Serial Killer Ronald Gene Simmons | Documentary True Crime

Legendary rock star, Gene Simmons has been the center of much interest and scrutiny over the years. To better understand this enigmatic man, many have turned to documentary films which provide an up close and personal look into his life. One such documentary is Human Monsters – Serial Killer Ronald Gene Simmons, a movie that delves deep into the complex mind of one of America’s.



ESPECIAL GENE SIMMONS From the early stages of KISS to his later solo career, Gene Simmons has been an iconic figure in rock ‘n’ roll for decades. Now, fans and newcomers alike can experience the story behind this legendary rock star with the help of some incredible documentaries about him. From intimate interviews with Simmons himself to detailed chronicles of.

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