The 6 Best Documentaries About David Crosby

Dec 13, 2023 | Best Of, Music

This is a documentary about the legendary singer-songwriter, David Crosby. Spanning four decades of his career, this riveting film explores the many highs and lows of his life—from being at the forefront of folk music to battling addiction and depression. With exclusive interviews from those closest to him,it provides an intimate look into the life and struggles of a music icon and the legacy he left behind. Get ready to go on a roller coaster ride with some of the best documentaries about David Crosby. From his early days as part of legendary folk-rock band, The Byrds, to his more recent solo career, this film offers an insightful look into the life of an enduring musical legend. With candid interviews from family and friends, it paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs in Crosby’s life. Get ready to dive deep into an incredible journey with one of music’s greatest icons!


1. Byrds David Crosby Stills Nash & Young Story

The legendary story of David Crosby, Byrds, Stills Nash & Young—it’s an amazing journey that has captivated fans for decades. From the early days as a member of The Byrds to his own solo projects and collaborations with other music legends, David Crosby is one of the most influential figures in modern music history.


2. Stories and Songs from David Crosby

An exploration into the music and stories of legendary singer-songwriter, David Crosby. From his early days as a founding member of The Byrds to his work with iconic artists such as Neil Young, Phil Collins and Elvis Costello – this documentary is sure to leave you feeling inspired. Narrated by Crosby himself, it chronicles his journey of self-discovery and his musical evolution over the course of five decades. Experience first-hand how he used music as a healing tool to process the tumultuous events that life sent him – and hear some of his most intimate thoughts on creating music.


3. David Crosby and Cameron Crowe on their new film ‘Remember My Name’

Cameron Crowe and David Crosby join forces in the highly anticipated documentary, ‘Remember My Name’. This film follows the incredible career of one of music’s most legendary figures. Focusing on both his personal triumphs and deep struggles, viewers can expect to explore a life marked by extremes. From the joyous celebration of eras-defining hits like “Eight Miles High” to the sobering reality of drug addiction and homelessness, the film promises an unflinching look at David Crosby’s remarkable life. With Crowe behind the camera, there’s no doubt that this documentary will be as gut-wrenchingly honest as it is entertaining. This poignant exploration of a musical icon stands sure to captivate audiences everywhere.


4. The Big Interview with Dan Rather: Crosby, Stills & Nash

The iconic folk-rock band, Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN), have been entertaining fans for over 50 years. Their unique blend of beautiful harmonies and inspiring lyrics have made them mainstays on the American music scene. Now, with The Big Interview with Dan Rather, viewers can go behind the scenes and explore the inner workings of this renowned musical act.


5. “CROSBY, STILLS & NASH: Long Time Gone” – (1990 Documentary)

The David Crosby Story” is a captivating documentary that takes you deep into the life and music of legendary musician, David Crosby. From his days in the iconic group “Crosby, Stills & Nash,” to his work on other projects over the years, this exploration into David’s life shines a light on his creative genius and personal struggles.


6. Speaking Freely: David Crosby

The life of legendary folk singer and songwriter David Crosby has been an inspiration to music fans around the world. Now, it gives us a chance to take a closer look at this iconic figure in popular culture. This documentary takes a unique approach, focusing on the people who have shaped his career and influenced his songwriting. Through candid interviews and authentic performances, fans can gain a deeper insight into the man behind the music.


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