The 6 Best Documentaries About The Bee Gees

Nov 12, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Welcome to the world of the Bee Gees! This article will take you on a journey through some of the best documentaries about this ground-breaking band. From uncovering their rise to fame, to exploring their musical genius and influence across generations, these films are sure to leave you feeling inspired. So get ready for an immersive experience into the world of one of the most iconic bands of all time – the Bee Gees! Dive deep into their past, present and future to discover what made them so incredible. See how they changed music forever and find out why this legendary group continues to stand at the forefront of popular culture today. Let’s explore the best documentaries about the Bee Gees!


1. The Story of the Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are one of the most successful and influential musical groups in history. From their roots in Australia to their chart-topping hits of the 1970s, they have remained an integral part of popular music culture for decades. The band’s story shines light on a unique combination of tragedy, determination and sheer talent that helped them rise to international fame.


2. Bee Gees – BBC Full Documentary 2014 162

This is a fascinating and in-depth documentary that provides an unprecedented look into the lives of the iconic Bee Gees. Through interviews with family members, music industry peers and never-before seen archival footage, this film explores the three brothers’ beginnings as songwriters in Manchester to their success as multi-platinum selling artists. Discover how they were able to create such an amazing catalog of music – spanning multiple genres and generations – as well as the musical legacy that continues to influence today’s artists. The film also looks at the personal lives of Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, from their childhood in Australia to their rise to international superstardom.


3. Bee Gees Official Story: This Is Where I Came In

The Bee Gees, a legendary musical group that went on to shape pop culture for generations, had humble beginnings. This documentary takes an in-depth look into their journey from small-town start up band to international superstardom. From the original lineup of brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb, to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this film covers every aspect of their incredible career.


4. Brothers Gibb Bee Gees & Andy Gibb Story

Witness the amazing story of one of the most successful and influential musical acts in history–the Bee Gees. From their humble beginnings as three brothers from Manchester, England to superstardom as international music icons, learn about the Gibb family’s journey and how they became a part of pop culture history.


5. Keppel Road The Life & Music of The Bee Gees

The iconic trio, the Bee Gees, has made a lasting impression in the music industry. From their high-pitched harmonies to electrifying dance moves, it is no surprise that they sold over 200 million records worldwide and earned nine Grammy Awards. But what lies behind their irresistible music and captivating performances? The latest documentary takes you on a journey of discovery into the lives and music of the Bee Gees. Narrated by Barry Gibb himself, this unique documentary uncovers fascinating stories from the past that shaped their career and creative legacy.


6. The Full Story of the Beloved Bee Gees | Pop Icons Documentary

From their humble beginnings to the heights of international fame, dive into the incredible story of the Bee Gees. The iconic trio first lit up pop music in the 60s with hits like “Massachusetts,” and went on to redefine disco with songs like “Stayin’ Alive.” Get an exclusive look at their remarkable journey from brotherly collaboration to pop icons in this revealing documentary.


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