The 6 Best Documentaries About Backstreet Boys

Jan 15, 2024 | Best Of, Music

With their catchy songs and iconic style, the Backstreet Boys have been delighting fans around the world for over twenty-five years. Not only do we love listening to their music – fans everywhere can also get a glimpse into the lives of these talented performers through some of the best documentaries about them! From behind-the-scenes footage to intimate interviews, you’ll be able to get an up-close and personal look at their journey, struggles, and success. So if you’re a fan of the Backstreet Boys, check out these amazing documentaries that capture all the amazing moments in their career! You won’t want to miss them!  Grab some popcorn and enjoy this immersive experience into the world of the Backstreet Boys!


1. Backstreet Boys Black & Blue around the world documentary dvd

This is a remarkable documentary DVD about the iconic boy band, Backstreet Boys. Since their debut album in 1995, they have been an international success and earned millions of fans across the globe. This special collection captures the spirit of this beloved group as they travel around the world to perform for their devoted fanbase. This emotionally stirring documentary follows them through their time on tour and offers an intimate look at the bond between fans and band. It is a tribute to the music of Backstreet Boys that has connected people around the world for over two decades.


2. Backstreet Boys Documentary – Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Backstreet Boys have made quite a mark on the world of music. For over two decades, they’ve had millions of fans worldwide singing and dancing to their catchy tunes. To honor this legacy, the iconic boy band was recently inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The documentary celebrates this amazing achievement by delving deep into their fascinating stories. It follows the Backstreet Boys as they go through their long journey to fame and become one of the most successful boy bands in history. We are taken on a winding tour of their lives, from humble beginnings to international superstardom.


3. Backstreet Boys – TV – Secret Diary Full and Complete

The Documentary of the Backstreet Boys is an incredible journey through one of the world’s best-loved music groups. With a documentary that takes us from their humble beginnings to selling out stadiums, this is a story not to be missed. This documentary dives into the personal struggles and triumphs of the band – from their early days as teenagers in Florida to their international superstardom. Featuring interviews with the band members, their producers, and other key players, plus behind-the-scenes footage of recording sessions and live performances, this is an all-access pass into the world of Backstreet Boys.


4. The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story

This is the ultimate story about Backstreet Boys and their amazing journey to fame. From their humble beginnings as a five-member boy band, to their colorful rise in the music industry, follow these superstars on an unforgettable adventure. Through personal accounts and exclusive interviews, this documentary sheds light on the behind-the-scenes struggles that forged these men into pop culture icons. Explore the power of their music, discover how they became one of the biggest acts in history, and learn more about Lou Pearlman—the man who put it all together. From the heart-pounding roller coaster ride that was their rise to stardom to their tumultuous break ups and reconciliations.


5. One-On One With Backstreet Boys

Travel with us on this exclusive one-on-one journey with the legendary boy band of our time, the Backstreet Boys. From their humble beginnings to becoming five of the most recognisable music stars on earth, we will take you through their incredible rise to fame and uncover the untold stories of their lives. This feature-length documentary includes exclusive interviews with each of the five members of the Backstreet Boys; A.J., Howie, Nick, Brian and Kevin. You’ll hear from those closest to them about what it was like growing up together as a band.


6. Backstreet Boys Talk Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Vegas and Boy Bands

The Backstreet Boys have been a part of pop culture history since 1996. Over two decades later, their music and legacy continues to excite new generations of fans. The documentary “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” dives deep into the story of these five boys from Florida who became one of the biggest boy bands in music history.


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