The 5 Best Documentaries And Videos About Zooey Deschanel

Feb 7, 2024 | Best Of, Celebrities

From his days as an electrifying high school player to the No. 1 draft pick in 2019, Zion Williamson has been one of basketball’s most dynamic players. His incredible talent and larger-than-life persona have sparked a wave of documentaries, each painting a unique picture of the star athlete. To celebrate this collection of work, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best documentaries about Zion Williamson. From his rise from college basketball greatness to one of the NBA’s most remarkable rookies, these films are sure to provide an unforgettable look into Zion’s world. Join us as we explore the stories behind this amazing player and why he has captured so many hearts around the globe!


1. Zooey Deschanel Reacts to Her ICONIC Roles

We all know her as the iconic Zooey Deschanel from her roles in ‘Almost Famous’ and ‘New Girl.’ But did you ever wonder how she felt about them? We have an exclusive look inside Zooey Deschanel’s reaction to these two classic roles. From her start on the set of ‘Almost Famous’, through to playing the relatable and endearing Jessica Day on ‘New Girl’, we take a look at her evolution as an actor.


2. Zooey Deschanel’s Transformation Is About As Stunning As It Gets

Zooey Deschanel is a force to be reckoned with. From being the star of Fox’s New Girl and forming the much-loved singing duo She & Him, to her involvement in jazz cabaret act If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies with actor Samantha Shelton — Deschanel has been at it for an impressive amount of time.


3. Zooey Deschanel Talks “500 Days of Summer”

Zooey Deschanel takes us on a journey to relive her “500 Days of Summer” experience. She talks about how the movie has been loved by fans throughout the years, sharing some of the classic moments that make it special. As well, she reflects on what it was like working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the difference between expectations and reality when making a film.


4. Zooey Deschanel Reveals Her Kids Were Scared Watching ‘Elf’

Zooey Deschanel recently joined Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover on “Access Daily” to talk about her passion project, “Lettuce Grow”. The actress and mother of two spoke fondly of the beloved Christmas movie, “Elf”, which she watched with her children and left them worried that Santa Claus was real! Zooey also shared memories of her time working with the late Prince, who was a huge fan of “New Girl”.


5. Tour the Inside of Zooey Deschanel’s Closet

Take a virtual tour inside Zooey Deschanel’s wildly unique closet. With an array of dresses, blouses, shoes and accessories, viewers can witness the Hollywood star’s creative expression first hand. From vibrant colors to bold patterns, her wardrobe is sure to provide plenty of entertainment and inspiration as she shares stories about building her collection over the years.

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