The 5 Best Documentaries About Vanilla Ice

Dec 5, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Music

Vanilla Ice is a cultural icon who continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s his hit songs, his acting appearances, or even his reality show, one thing is for sure- Vanilla Ice is here to stay! But if you really want to understand more about where he came from and what makes him so special, then the best way to do it is to watch some of the documentaries about him. These documentaries will give you an in-depth look at his life, his music career, and more. From interviews with friends and colleagues to stories from his childhood, we’ve rounded up the five best documentaries about Vanilla Ice that are sure to get you hooked on this superstar.


1. Vanilla Ice VH-1 Behind the Music 1999

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, or more famously known as Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper taking the world by storm. Born on October 31st 1967 , he has been making headlines with his music since 1989 when he released his debut album Hooked on Ichiban Records. After signing with SBK Records in 1990, they re-released his album To The Extreme that skyrocketed the success of his hit song “Ice Ice Baby” and became the first rap single to top Billboard’s chart. Vanilla Ice’s fame was furthered when VH-1 released a biographical program on him in 1999, allowing fans to get an inside look at his life and rise to fame.


2. Vanilla Ice – Hip Rock Style Documentary (2003)

As summer kicks off in August, Vanilla Ice will be taking the stage to show everyone a side of hip-hop they’ve never seen before. With his unique flow and style, he’s sure to have the crowd grooving and singing along to every beat. From his iconic raps to his smooth melodies, you won’t want to miss this performance! It’ll be an unforgettable night full of grooves and rhymes. So come join us for the show – it’s sure to be a hip-rock experience you won’t soon forget! Bring your friends, family, and anyone who needs to hear how Vanilla Ice is still running the game!


3. Vanilla Ice Interview: Tupac, The 90’s Generation & Selling 160 Million Records

Vanilla Ice is a real-life hip hop legend, and in this documentary he shares his unforgettable journey to rap stardom. Get exclusive access into the life of Vanilla Ice as he talks about the meteoric rise of “Ice, Ice Baby” — from its beginning as a simple freestyle jam on Miami’s South Beach to becoming an international chart-topper with 160 million records sold. Learn about his experiences meeting Tupac and other rap superstars of the 90’s, and hear Vanilla Ice tell his story in his own words — an incredible journey to fame that you don’t want to miss! Be sure to watch this documentary for a captivating look into Vanilla Ice’s life as a rapper, producer, and performerGo further and listen to how Vanilla Ice crossed paths with Tupac, a meeting that he remembers like it was yesterday.


4. Deep Cover: Vanilla Ice Explains What Really Happened w/ Suge Knight & Death Row Records Involvement

In an exclusive interview with Sway in the Morning, Vanilla Ice revealed all there is to know about his success and what happened with Suge Knight. Selling 160 million records, being part of Death Row Records, and still holding on to his key to success – it’s a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat! From selling out arenas to being hung over a balcony – Vanilla Ice goes deeper than ever before and reveals the truth behind his experience with Suge Knight. Find out how he made it through this tumultuous situation, what motivated him to keep pushing forward, and the lessons he learned on the way.


5. Vanilla Ice’s Amazing Movie

Welcome to Vanilla Ice’s Amazing Movie, a documentary showcasing the life and times of one of the pioneering icons in rap music. This film will take you back in time as we dive into the history and journey of Vanilla Ice and his influence on hip-hop culture. We’ll explore how he created a new style of rap that was both innovative and unique, paving the way for future generations.


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