The 5 Best Documentaries About Tiny Tim

Nov 20, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Tiny Tim has made an indelible mark on popular culture over the years–and now, you can get a glimpse into his life with these amazing documentaries! From his musical influences to his fascinating personal story, there’s something for everyone in this collection of films that cover the life and times of Tiny Tim. Whether you’re looking for a documentary to watch with the family or an in-depth exploration of his life, these documentaries about Tiny Tim are sure to provide hours of entertainment. So get ready to explore the life and times of one of America’s most beloved entertainers!


1. The Story of Tiny Tim

If you enjoy learning about the fascinating life of Tiny Tim, then you must watch The Story of Tiny Tim. This captivating documentary dives deep into the life and music behind one of the most beloved folk singers of all time. From his humble beginnings as a street performer in Greenwich Village to his international superstardom on Laugh-In, this documentary will provide an insightful look into the life of an extraordinary artist.


2. Tiny Tim: King for a Day – Uma Homenagem ao Pequeno & grande Tiny Tim! Um Artista alem do Tempo.

Tiny Tim – A True Star of His Era. From the beginning of his career to his ultimate success, Herbert Khaury’s journey as Tiny Tim was unforgettable. He left a lasting impression and managed to captivate audiences all over the world with his unique style and charm. Whether one saw him as an oddity or genius, he certainly made an everlasting impact. This documentary is a tribute to the small yet great entertainer, Tiny Tim. With interviews of family and friends, never-before-seen footage, and much more, this movie will tell the tale of an artist unrivaled by time. Come join us as we explore the life and legacy of Tiny Tim!


3. Tiny Tim with Wes Bailey: This Is An Interview

Experience the music of the one and only Tiny Tim! Park Avenue Produce proudly presents a very special interview between Tiny Tim, the “Eternal Troubadour”, and Wes Bailey. Taking place at Club 89 in Omaha, Nebraska, you can witness their unique interaction plus hear some amazing performances from Mr. Tim himself. From his signature song “Down In The Subway” to his original composition “Dear Tuesday”, a heartfelt ode to the iconic actress, this documentary is sure to delight. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience and tune in to show #3 of our Omaha Cox Cable Omaha Public Access TV series! With Tiny Tim as your guide, you’ll get a rare glimpse into the world of music like never before.


4. God Bless Tiny Tim 1993 (a short film by Mike Carano)

Tiny Tim was a unique, dynamic figure in popular culture and music. His story is fascinating and his impact on our collective imagination endures. In 1993, Mike Carano used his camera to capture the essence of Tiny Tim in this 22-minute short film. Experience Tiny Tim’s vibrant personality as he shares stories about his life, music, and career with Mike Carano. It’s an intimate and honest testament to the life of one of the most remarkable men of our time. God Bless Tiny Tim is a must-see documentary for all fans and admirers of this larger than life legend.


5. Tiny Tim Golf Cart Story

Tiny Tim was a legendary innovator in every sense of the word. His distinct and creative music made him an unforgettable figure in entertainment history. But, beyond being a gifted actor and musician, he also had a brilliant mind that enabled him to come up with some truly unique solutions to various problems. One such story is about how Tiny Tim used his golf cart to help out his neighborhood.Tiny Tim was an avid golfer and he noticed that his neighbors were struggling to make their way around town on the unreliable public transportation system. To help, Tiny Tim took it upon himself to build a golf cart full of benches and safety features that would transport people safely from one place to another.

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