The 5 Best Documentaries About Steely Dan

Mar 17, 2024 | Best Of, Music

Steely Dan, the rock band whose music has held a special place in the hearts of music-lovers for decades, is celebrated by fans and critics alike. But do you know the stories behind their success? For a deeper understanding of this iconic band’s history and impact on popular culture, check out these great documentary films about Steely Dan! From interviews with the band members to archive footage of their concerts, these documentaries bring you into the heart and soul of Steely Dan. Discover a whole new level of appreciation for this legendary group as you uncover its history in these insightful films. Dive into the musical career and lasting influence of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen with these must-see documentaries about Steely Dan!


1. Steely Dan VH1 “Alive in America” documentary (1995)

Steely Dan have been a part of the music industry for decades, and their impact can still be felt today. The 1995 VH1 “Alive in America” documentary captures this rock band’s journey from their beginnings in 1972 to their seminal hit albums such as Aja and Gaucho. The film follows the group throughout their career with interviews featuring Donald Fagen.


2. Steely Dan: A Deep Dive (Part 1) | Pop Culture Graveyard Ep 50 | Donald Fagen, Walter Becker

Steely Dan is a one-of-a-kind group that presents both innovative and classic rock music. Lead by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, the band has gone down in history for its jazzy licks, clever lyrics, and trademark sound. To learn more about this enigmatic duo, Pop Culture Graveyard takes a deep dive into their lives and careers.


3. Steely Dan VH1 Storytellers | Remastered Full Concert (Upscaled 1080p HD)

Steely Dan VH1 Storytellers Full Concert, Remastered in Upscaled 1080p HD – this documentary is a one-of-a-kind experience. Not only does it feature the classic hits of Steely Dan that have been loved for decades, but it also provides an intimate look into their creative process and behind-the-scenes glimpses of.


4. The Steely Dan Iceberg Explained: Part 1

Are you familiar with the enigmatic duo that is Steely Dan? Formed in 1972, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have been creating some of the most enthralling music for over four decades now. Their jazz-infused rock has a unique flavor that never fails to captivate their fans. But how did they get their start? What was their creative process.


5. Steely Dan Plush TV Jazz Rock Party 2000

Steely Dan was a legendary jazz rock band that rocked parties throughout the 2000s. From their acclaimed album Aja to their unforgettable single “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”, Steely Dan did not shy away from wild performances and inspiring music. If you want to take a deeper dive into the history of this iconic band, these documentaries are essential viewing.

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