The 5 Best Documentaries And Videos About Shaggy

Oct 29, 2023 | Best Of, Music

Are you a fan of Shaggy? Do you want to learn more about the artist and his career? If so, you must watch these documentaries! Being one of the biggest names in reggae music for over two decades, Shaggy’s inspiring story has been captured through some amazing films. From his humble beginnings on the streets of Kingston to becoming an international star, there is a lot to learn from him. Here are the best documentaries about Shaggy that you need to see now!


1. The Story of ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy

It was 20 years ago when Shaggy released his Hot Shot album, and it almost seemed like it would never make a splash. Label executives were convinced that there were “no hits” on the record, while “It Wasn’t Me” went completely overlooked as a single. But against all odds, this song went viral, and today, is one of the most iconic crossover hits in music history.


2. Shaggy on ‘It Wasn’t Me’, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Sting, Queen of England

Shaggy’s musical journey began in Raytown, Jamaica, a place with deep roots in sound system culture and toasting. Here, he was raised by his grandmother who had a huge influence on him musically. After leaving the ghetto, Shaggy moved to New York and experienced a culture shock upon his arrival. But it was then that he chose “Shaggy” as his stage name. In a full-length Vlad TV interview, Shaggy talked about the inspiration to make this move and the role that Raytown played in his development. He also shared his thoughts on fathering Robb Banks, an upcoming musician with similar dedication as himself.


3. Shaggy Talks His Inner Circle, Real Reggae, Realizing His Purpose + More

Shaggy opens up about his unique bond with his mother and the wild experiences he’s had growing up in Jamaica. As we delve deeper into Shaggy’s story, we learn more about what makes him so special and how his upbringing shaped him as an individual. Through interviews, explorations of his home country, and a look at the vibrant culture and atmosphere that surrounds him, we get an insight into how his life experiences have shaped who he is today. It’s a story of resilience, courage, and the power of love. Shaggy takes us on a fascinating journey that will leave you mesmerized and inspired.


4. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

It’s the year 2020 and Hot Shot by Shaggy is celebrating its 20th anniversary! What started off as a “throw-away” album with “no hits”, has become one of the first viral crossover hits. The song “It Wasn’t Me” was propelled to success through accidents, illegal downloading, and sheer determination. To commemorate this event, Shaggy has released his brand new album, Hot Shot 2020.


5. Questlove Supreme Podcast

Shaggy is an iconic figure in music history, and Team Supreme had the privilege to get a personal lesson on why he has achieved his success. From cultivating his own unique style to being misunderstood at times, Shaggy was able to break it all down as he spoke with QLS about his Grammy-nominated album Com Fly Wid Mi and his collaborations with Sting.

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