The 5 Best Documentaries About Paul Anka

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Paul Anka is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor who has had an impressive career in the music industry spanning over six decades. His legendary voice and undeniable charm have earned him worldwide recognition as one of the most successful pop stars of all time. For fans interested in learning more about his life and work, documentaries are a great way to learn more about the legend. Here is a list of five must-watch documentaries about Paul Anka that will take you on a journey through his life and greatest hits


1. Paul Anka Biography

Paul Anka is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor who has achieved success in various genres of music. He first gained worldwide fame with his hit single “Diana” in 1957 and has since released more than 50 albums and written over 900 songs. Anka’s career has spanned seven decades, and he continues to perform live around the world. His music has been featured in numerous films and television shows, as well as on the radio. Those looking to learn more about Anka’s life and career will find several documentaries that explore his early years, rise to fame and current activities. Here are five of our top picks for the best Paul Anka documentaries: Paul Anka: The Music Man – This 2008 documentary looks at the life and career of Paul Anka, from his early years in Ottawa, Canada to his worldwide success as a musician. It features interviews with family members and colleagues, archival footage and rare concert footage.


2. Paul Anka Documentary – Hollywood Walk of Fame

Paul Anka is a singer, songwriter, and actor who has enjoyed an illustrious career in the music industry. His songs have been covered by Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra and many others. To honor his contributions to the history of music and film, he was awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2019. This documentary is a celebration of his life and work. It features exclusive interviews with Paul Anka, his family, friends, and colleagues. From behind the scenes footage to personal stories about the highs and lows of his career, this documentary provides an intimate look into the man behind the music.


3. PASSWORD 1964-12-10 Rita Moreno & Paul Anka

This classic concert movie is one of the most iconic live performances of its era and features some of Paul Anka’s best songs. The movie captures a wide range of musical styles, from soft ballads to up-tempo numbers, all performed with passion by Rita Moreno and Paul Anka. It also includes interviews with both stars that provide an insight into their careers. The movie is a must-watch for any fan of the two performers, and it provides an in-depth look at their musical legacy. Another great documentary about Paul Anka is “Paul Anka: Rock Swings”. This film follows Paul as he revisits some of his classic songs and puts a new spin on them. He takes rock classics like “My Way” and “You Are My Destiny”, and reimagines them by adding his own unique brand of swing. The movie also shows Paul’s infectious energy when he performs live, as well as offering insight into the experience of creating a song from the ground up. Fans of Paul Anka will definitely want to see this film.


4. Paul Anka On Strombo: Full Interview

Paul Anka is one of the most influential figures in music and entertainment. He’s sold more than 100 million records, penned some of the biggest hits of all time, and performed for audiences around the world. But before all that, he was just a Canadian boy with big dreams. Now, you can get to know him better through these amazing documentaries about Paul Anka.  The Heart of Paul Anka (2010) This documentary looks at the remarkable life and career of Paul Anka. It follows him on his journey from the small Canadian town where he was born to becoming a musical icon, showing interviews with his family members, close friends, and other music legends. This documentary offers an intimate look at the man behind the music.


5. Paul Anka DocuFilm “Lonely Boy”

Anka’s energy, passion and love for music are all on full display throughout the film. He speaks candidly about his rise to fame and gives a glimpse into his musical influences. His songwriting talent is also highlighted as he talks about the process of writing hits like “Diana” and more. A must-watch for any fan of Paul Anka or anyone interested in the history of classic pop. This documentary examines the life and music of Paul Anka from a unique perspective, focusing on his songwriting process and willingness to experiment with different musical styles. With insight from people close to him, such as his family, band members, producers and even fellow musicians like Elton John, this film offers an intimate look into Anka’s creative process. His influence on the music industry is undeniable, and this documentary serves as a great testament to that. Directed by John Sheppard, this film chronicles Anka’s return to his hometown of Ottawa for a sold-out concert.

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