The 5 Best Documentaries About Men At Work

Jan 12, 2024 | Best Of, Music

When it comes to understanding the complexity of work and the stories of men at work, there’s no better medium than documentary film. Through interviews, archival footage, and close examination of the lives of working people around the world, these documentaries provide a unique insight into what makes up our modern workforce. From mining to manufacturing, construction sites to corporate offices, these documentaries explore the stories of men at work and how their efforts shape our world. Whether you’re looking for inspiring stories or trying to gain a better understanding of labor and its impact, these documentaries about men’s work offer something for everyone. From the trials and tribulations of factory workers in India to the struggles of oil riggers in Louisiana.


1. Colin Hay: Waiting For My Real Life | Full Music Documentary | The Men At Work Story

Colin Hay: The Men At Work Story | Full Music DocumentaryThe music of Colin Hay and his band, Men At Work, has been a hallmark of the 1980s–and beyond. But few people know about the man behind those songs. This full-length documentary offers a comprehensive look at the life and career of Colin Hay, from his early days.


2. Notorious Copyright Cases – Men At Work “Down Under” (Larrikin Music Vs EMI Songs Australia)

The Larrikin Music Vs EMI Songs Australia case is one of the most notorious copyright cases in history. It revolved around the Australian hit single “Down Under” by Men At Work, which was alleged to have infringed on material from an earlier work titled “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” which had been written as a children.


3. Men At Work – Colin Hay Interview – Talks About His New Album | Vinyl Rewind

Vinyl Rewindo Presents: An Exclusive Interview with Colin Hay, the Former frontman of Men at Work.This series is dedicated to exploring the career and creative processes of some of today’s most iconic figures in music. In this installment, we have a conversation with Colin Hay, former frontman for Men at Work, about his new album “Fierce Mercy.


4. Men at Work – October 29th 1997 – Metropolitan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Full Show)

Heading: Unveiling the Stories of Men at WorkThis October 29th, 1997 is a momentous day for the documentary film community as they will witness the greatest and most enthralling stories about men at work. From Rio de Janeiro to New York City, countless individuals have been captured on camera while performing their duties. This documentary showcases these.


5. Men At Work – Original Soundtrack – Full Album Cassette Rip – 1990

Males at Work – A Tale of Industry and Labor. From industrial production lines to the small business owner, this is the story of people who dedicate their lives to work. This documentary follows a variety of men who have made it their mission to excel in whatever field they choose. We get to hear their stories, successes, and struggles as they strive for greatness in.

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