The 5 Best Documentaries About John Mcafee

Dec 13, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Conspiracy

John McAfee is an iconic figure in the history of technology – and one whose story has been told countless times through documentaries. If you’re looking for a great way to understand more about John McAfee, watching one of these documentaries can be a great way to get an insight into his life and work. Here are some of the best documentaries about John McAfee that you should watch: This documentary provides a unique insight into the cyber threats that John McAfee faced during his time as CEO of an antivirus company.


1. From Millionaire to Madman | The Story of John McAfee

Welcome to the true story of John McAfee – from millionaire to madman. This interesting documentary dives deep into the events that unfolded before, during, and after his dramatic downfall as one of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs.The film starts off with a glimpse at McAfee’s remarkable career, which saw him rise from humble beginnings to become an industry giant through.


2. The Crazy Life of Millionaire John McAfee

John McAfee, a name that is synonymous with the world of tech and innovation. A brilliant computer programmer who developed some of the earliest antivirus software in the late 1980s, to becoming one of Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs. But his remarkable story takes a wild turn as he retreats to an isolated life in Belize.


3. The Suspicious Death of John McAfee

John McAfee was an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who made a fortune in the early days of computer security software. But his life ended tragically when he was found dead in his Belize home in July 2021. What followed has been the subject of intense media speculation, with some suggesting foul play and others dismissing it as suicide.


4. Dateline The Story of John McAfee 2017

Welcome to DocuVibe, the documentary series uncovering the most interesting and inspiring stories of our time. In this episode, we explore the wild and winding story of John McAfee – a tech maverick who made millions creating antivirus software and has since courted controversy with his outspoken views on cryptocurrency and privacy.


5. The Spiral of John McAfee | Corporate Casket

DocuVibe – The Breathtaking Story of John McAfeeThe intertwined story of John McAfee is one that will leave you with a sense of awe and disbelief. From his first foray into the tech world, to his dynamic life as an entrepreneur, hacker, and fugitive; it’s a gripping tale that makes for must-see viewing. Follow along.


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